March 2016


I write this over the Easter period, the time in the spiritual calendar when thoughts tend to focus on the cycle of life, death and eventual renewal.
On what is essentially a planet of seeming death, where everything in the three dimensional world is ultimately clearly temporary, such a message of resurrection and continuation is heartening.
My life-long clairvoyant perception has always made it clear to me that this material world was just a small part of a much bigger ongoing existence and that there wasn’t any death. At a young age I not only saw those who had passed on to the higher life looking through at us from their new planes of existence, but also the movements of particles, energy and matter that flow from physical form to physical form, continually building and re-building the changing landscape we call reality. Separation is an illusion of the world of matter, the parts only existing within the context of the whole in a vast sea of unity. Nothing was really separate from anything else at the subtle levels. All is connected, in a state of continuous exchange, nothing ever dying.
The impact of this understanding is for me enormous. All that I think, do, and say effects and impacts upon everyone and everything else. Should I be angry then I make the whole world and Cosmos a little angry: if I am greedy, selfish and arrogant I disrupt, and for a while, hinder the flow of life in me and around me. On the other hand, when I am at peace, loving, kind, and more selfless, I allow such qualities to manifest in my universe. It is that simple and that profound; inspiring in fact. What a difference I can make to what happens in me and around me.
Recently I was discussing with a student the whole matter of right or best action in life around the theme of harmlessness, and how the priority for us human souls is not to cause harm to another because of what we do. “If a thought and the subsequent action it prompts then results in harm and pain in another, it is not a right action, not an inspiration,” I suggested. “And the means doesn’t justify the end. Wherever possible we should seek to be harmless.”
I appreciate this is a tall order for most of us and I know beyond doubt that I have fallen well short in this area many times in my life. I am a student too. But I am working on it.
“Everything is part of the Cosmic spirit, including all human life. If we cause pain to another then we are harming ourselves, and of course, under spiritual law or karma, that pain will in time become ours too in some way. We should only act on pure inspiration.”
A puzzled student reflected and then asked me, “How do I know if a thought is a right thought, an inspiration? You always say that what is right for me is ultimately right for everyone else.”
“An inspiration or inspired action will always bring joy to all others it may affect,” I replied, “as well as to you. It will never cause pain or sorrow to anyone. The spirit knows that such a way is always possible and there is no right action whereby the spirit’s guidance will hurt or harm part of itself. The inspiration will always be a ‘win-win’ as we call it.”
“An idea or thought that is largely self-focussed and doesn’t benefit everyone involved, is driven by the ego or ‘little self’. There is no value in the words, ‘well this seems good for me so even if they don’t like it, they will realise in time that it is good for them too.’ Such an approach is purely arrogant self-justification. It will always lead to difficulties for the one who behaves in such a manner if they don’t consider the effect upon others, however great an idea it may seem,” I concluded.
Our spirit, our higher self or Father within, knows there is a perfect way where all will be happy, all will benefit and be at peace with the effect of an action. Perhaps it is difficult, especially moment by moment, to follow such a precept, but we can make a start by asking the spirit to guide us, by being patient, as selfless as possible, and to work with love as love will never, ever, harm anyone. As Lester Levenson said,” One person with only love in their heart could do more to right the problems of the world than all the people who are actively trying to fix it.”
Of course, in an extreme situation we perceive as very dangerous, most of us may not have the courage to turn the other cheek as we fear we will be harmed. But ultimately that is the powerful, inspired way and we must look at thoughts and actions leading up to any problem we face. We cannot run away however much we may try. Instead we must wait for the inspiration that will bring joy to all.
So let us be inspired and seek only to love and serve, to be harmless. That is really why we are here. That is the way to joy, for all of us.
Enjoy the days.

Self-Mastery 2

For those interested in working on this process of self awakening and taking personal responsibility, this is a second exercise I suggest you explore in addition to the first two ideas I suggested in my last blog.

Resisting and Clearing

We amass much negative programming over many life times. This programming lies deep within our subconscious governing all we think and do. It limits us, holds us back and resists the good and the joyful things we would like to experience and would bring us joy.
There are many methods and approaches but there are one or two I have found work extremely well in clearing and breaking down our resistance when persisted with. The first one, based on the modern Ho’oponopono method of the Kahuna and very much in tune with the deeper meaning of Christian teaching, is the one I suggest you work with first. I tend to use a combination of many methods but this, also used in a form Siriun Magic and Wisdom, is very powerful and releases many thought forms and old patterns from the aura if used diligently.
There are five phrases to be repeated mentally, over and over again whenever we think of or encounter a problem. They are:

I’m sorry

This phrase, as with all of them, is said to the subconscious self, expressing humility in our acknowledgement of us “attracting” problems through our old negative programming and behaviour. It is not about guilt, but rather a humble desire to let go of an issue and heal our lives.

Please Forgive Me

Here we allude to our desire to be released from the past, whatever it may be has occurred and to be in the present moment. Again it is about taking responsibility for what is happening in our world, not being or feeling guilty.

I Love You and Bless You

I usually link these together but they can be said separately if you prefer. You are loving your inner subconscious self and Divinity, and acknowledging them and their wonderful importance and service given to you. Our fundamental purpose is to become a centre of love.

Thank You

Perhaps the most powerful phrase of all, here we acknowledge that the healing is already underway, the work being done, not by us but by the subconscious and Divinity. It confirms our faith in the healing process. It is similar to saying “Amen” or “It is done” after a prayer.
Work with these phrases like an inner mantra, over and over again whenever you think of them or of a problem. Be patient, persist, observing what happens and how over time your feelings about things will change too. I can vouch personally for the wonderful release and healing this method will bring.
Try not to work out how the healing will occur, or when. This is the ego’s or little self’s attempt to take over and run things without having any idea what to do. Simply trust that what happens for you will be far, far, better than you can imagine or plan.
Keep a journal to write down the good and wonderful things that you experience along the way, and say thank you for them. I have witnessed quite remarkable things in my own life and in the lives of students who are diligent in applying these principles.
Enjoy it too!