I am often asked to look at a haunting in a house that is causing concern to the occupants. Sometimes, the events reveal that earlier, but now dead, tenants of the property (or even of a building or property that formerly existed on the site) still mentally visit it and a sensitive individual currently living there may pick this up and even amplify it through their own psychic and emotional forces.
This can account for flashing lights, general electrical anomalies, apparitions, noises, perfumes, telekinesis – objects moving around apparently unaided and even physical manifestations, called apports.
This kind of visit is usually quite harmless and friendly and can only manifest through the mediumistic / psychic energy of a present resident. Children and adolescents, along with pregnant women and emotionally stressed individuals can often provide this energy. So too, can a natural psychic or others either permanently or temporarily generating a lot of emotional force in the property. Anxiety, deep shock and grief from bereavement or other factors can be triggers, hence why so many people feel aware of the presence of departed loved ones soon after their death, an experience that usually fades with time.
Such visitations from what we would call spiritual entities, can also be strengthened when the property is built on a significant part of the earth’s electro-magnetic field, such as a ley-line.
Buildings and areas that are heavily emotionally charged by their usage also attract visits from entities – churches, old abbeys, theatres, war-time airfields, battle grounds, old schools, castle dungeons, hospitals and so on. The build up of strong emotional forces over the years acts as a fuel that entities can draw upon to manifest their presence. But there always has to be a medium – someone on the earth who ‘grounds’ the phenomenon and acts as a bridge between the physical and astral worlds, albeit often unwittingly.
Such entities or visitors can be communicated with by an experienced medium and the reasons for their visit and connection ascertained and understood.
A ghost, however, is rather different. Such manifestations are energistic memories, trapped in a particular location. Their behaviour tends to be repetitive – all witnesses report the same visions, sounds etc – and they tend to walk or manifest in exactly the same manner every time. They will repeat the same words and are rather like a stuck recording, playing over and over again. Again, a good psychic or medium would quickly deduce this.
Very rarely, there may genuinely be a trapped soul, the subject of what is often termed Rescue Mediumship. These are usually souls who died in accidents, tragedies or who are murdered, died quickly or perished in terror. They may well not believe or accept that they have passed onto a higher plane and feel closer to the earth than higher realms.
In such cases, the help of a good psychic or medium, with good healing abilities should be sought to clear the problem and release the soul.
In all the above cases, expert, experienced help should be sought. Well-meaning amateurs and many clergy, often make matters worse, as I have often found when visiting homes, and even in one case, a church where the local ‘deliverance’ ministers had merely fuelled the problem despite their well intended efforts.
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