Private Appointments

General Guidance Regarding Private Appointments

Throughout the year Paul offers some private consultations. The form they take depends upon the needs of the individual and what Paul feels is most appropriate for him to do in order to help them.
Some consultations take place at the locations Paul visits and can be arranged with the local organiser whose details are published on this site (see courses and workshops, both Overseas and UK). Others are available in Bury St Edmunds as face to face sessions.
Since Paul has clients all over the world, for those unable to visit him in UK or elsewhere, he also offers “distant” consultations which are conducted either via Zoom or Skype.
All enquiries are treated sympathetically and with complete confidentiality.

Personal Aura / Chakra Assessments

Paul’s assessments are based upon his unusual perception of the Human Aura and Energy Field, and they can be useful in exploring the following:
  • The true nature of an individual.
  • Their role (destiny pattern) for this lifetime.
  • The patterns, cycles and trends around them and the possibilities and opportunities that exist for their future.
  • The clarification of health issues - mental, emotional and physical, the impediments to our progress and how they can be removed and eliminated.
  • Spiritual links and connections.
An initial Aura/Chakra assessment usually takes 45/50 minutes and may consider some of the areas listed above.


Private consultations for healing with Paul are available, again both as face to face and as “distant” sessions via Zoom or Skype, being usually for 45/50 minutes in the first instance and further sessions arranged by mutual arrangement. Continued distant healing is also given to all who request it.
Where healing is concerned, patients will always be given simple self-help exercises to assist with unlocking their own healing capacities.
Again all healing matters are dealt with in complete confidence.

Guidance and Spiritual Counselling

Many people seek a consultation without fitting neatly into the categories mentioned above, not requiring a more formal Aura/Chakra assessment or Healing session per se, but wish Paul to offer them support and guidance and spiritual counsel in relation to a life crisis, or regarding difficult issues and problems. Common expressions used by clients are that they feel “stuck”, “lost”, frustrated”, “let down” and so on.
In all circumstances, Paul accesses his view of the clients Aura so he can offer appropriate guidance and direction based upon his insights. Most important of all, Paul will suggest processes and exercises, often including a specific meditation practice, that he considers will help the client to work from inside him or herself, become more empowered, and begin to improve and change their lives and their circumstances.

Past Life Readings

These sessions specifically viewing past incarnations are sometimes given but only where Paul feels it is appropriate and the client will really benefit from the insights gained. Whilst all our problems in this lifetime will be linked to many past life experiences and memories, it is only through clearing and releasing the problems evident in this life that the past life issues will also be released and healed. It may be that occasionally in a Guidance consultation, Paul may suggest looking at a past life.


You are always welcome to enquire about a consultation and your request will always be dealt with sensitivity and understanding. To make an appointment directly with Paul please send a brief email to