What colour are you?

How to select the colours of your own aura using a simple method

Step 1
Relax for a moment or two: a calm state of mind is best so first take a few slow deep breaths.
Step 2
Next, ask yourself this question, silently, inside your head:
'What are the predominant colours of my own Aura?'
Step 3
Close your eyes and see what colours come into your mind.
You may see some patches of colour in your imagination, rather like a sequence in traffic lights, or a few blobs of coloured light. OR
You may sense or feel the colours, rather like a hunch or impression.
Step 4
Accept the first colours you see or feel ... it may be just one or two or three.
Remember, your FIRST impression is the right one, the psychic or clairvoyant thought.
Step 5
Make a note of the colours that come into your mind.
On the Colour Wheel below check only the meanings of the colours you saw or felt, as one or two of the other colours may come up the next time you try.
If colours not listed come up, such as brown or black then simply ignore them as they are not relevant to this exercise.
You may try this exercise several times over a few days. The important colours will tend to appear consistently; other colours may come and go.
This is an experiment for your investigation and enjoyment. See how you shape up!
This exercise is for fun and does not replace seeking the advice of an expert aura reader.
For greater detail, read my book 'Auras & Colours' published by Gateway Books, available as an ebook from all leading ebook sites and retailers.
See a 'typical' aura  
Try the exercise again  
This colour indicates a strong intuition, often a good potential connection with nature and the spiritual aspect of life (not religious).
Silver also has a strong connection with the presence of nature spirits and angels.
Imagination, vision and artistic abilities of some kind.
This is someone who tends to think in pictures. Sometimes a solitary individual, who likes their own ideas.
This is a good ray colour for those who value their individuality and maybe a tendency to philosophize.
These are sensitive, psychic individuals, who feel things deeply.
They are sensitive to atmospheres and the moods of others and experience strong night time dreams.
Lighter Blues
This is the communicators' colour and those who need good people contact.
It is the colour of writers, teachers, nurses, social workers and also 'ideas' people and lateral thinkers who are often creative, maybe idealistic (very light blue) and usually talkative!
Deep Blue
These are people who need space, to think deeply.
They are good at problem solving and original thinking.
It is the ray of the poet, the quiet type and the real psychologist with a tendency to be a loner.
You may even be a psychic!
This is the ray of honesty.
Such people with an active turquoise cannot lie or be deceitful.
They always seek a 'pure', unsullied approach to life, can be easily hurt by the insincerity of others and is useless in politics!
This generally indicates adaptability and a need for change or new experiences.
Strong emerald greens show empathy, compassion and a desire to 'heal' and to change things for the better.
It is an important colour in therapists, healthcare professionals, healers of all kinds and teachers.
Explorers often have this frequency, as do compulsive travelers.
Very dark greens reveal envy and jealous types.
People who love life have a good range of green light.
This ray is associated with people who like clarity, are often logical and structured e.g. accountants, engineers, administrators, lawyers and so on, as well as some academics.
This is good for planning and organising and deep yellows are often ambitious, but can be rigid and narrow in thinking.
A bright yellow shows a good memory!
This is the ray of love and affection.
A deep rose can mean sensuality and passion.
Very pale pinks can be too soft and ineffectual individuals.
Strong rose light is a sign of loyalty and real love, rather than fondness.
And there is a tendency to look for the best in things.
These are powerful people.
It is the colour of pure energy, power and health.
It is often seen strongly after treatments like acupuncture, massage and healing. (Good 'healers' have a strong orange.)
Practitioners of yoga, tai chi and regular meditation have bright orange.
A brown / orange is manipulative and controlling ... often seen in politics!
This is the ray of will and purpose, revealed in people with a strong sense of where they are going, are determined and resolute.
Excessive red people can seem overwhelming or even aggressive.
Brown / reds are 'earthy', sometimes again sensual, practical individuals who like physical, practical activity.
This is the ray of wisdom and enlightenment.
If you have this, you probably don't need this exercise!
Typical aura colour distribution in the emotional / astral body.
'Typical' colour distribution in the emotional / astral body.