Human Aura

Some Questions Answered by Paul

Often, I am sent emails and letters asking questions on psycho-spiritual issues. Whilst it is not possible to answer all of them in detail, we try to help where we can, especially where it relates to a matter arising from one of my books, or is likely to be of interest to many other students and seekers.

What is the Human Aura?

What is usually referred to as The Human Aura is actually a series of layers that are the subtle and invisible part of the Human Personality and Human Spirit.
The Personality – the you and me we all know and love! – consists of the physical body, the energy or etheric body, the astral or emotional body and the concrete mental body.
The abstract or higher mental body is the outer aspect of the soul or individual spiritual self which envelops the spiritual light or core of human consciousness.
In simple terms, the aura can only be perceived by the inner or ‘third’ eye, which functions through the pineal gland located in the centre of the skull, although the energy, or etheric body which supplies us with vitality and maintains physical health, can also be sensed by the nervous system under the surface of the skin.
The energy or etheric body, the focus of all true healing activity, interpenetrates the physical body and radiates a little beyond its surface. It has many features, but generally appears to the inner eye as a smoky grey / blue sheath in which the physical body resides. It is the final imprint of the soul in the material world, attracting physical matter to create our physical selves. It is effectively still three dimensional in nature.
The Astral or Emotional Body is the brightly coloured field observed from the inner eye. It pulses and moves, containing every type of coloured light.
The Mental Body, less commonly seen by clairvoyants and psychics, is also brightly coloured in a more ‘metallic’ light. As the emotional body processes feelings and desires, so the mental body deals with concrete thoughts, both the conscious and subconscious. These two bodies appear to radiate someway beyond the edge of the physical body and are extremely interdependent.
The light or electricity of the spirit connects through the soul, and its higher mental field, to the personality and can direct and inspire us (when we listen – as in meditation, reflection and so on). The lower layers of the aura act like windows, allowing the light of the soul to radiate downwards to the world of matter, albeit with less and less clarity at each level as it does so.
The aura is full of phenomena – thought forms, symbols, the spheres of light from discarnate entities and the chakras, or psychic centres – vortices that link the various bodies of the aura to the nerves, glands and organs of the physical body.
Everyone and everything has an auric field – animals, flowers, trees, minerals, even buildings and cities – and the planet itself.
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