Heartstar Session

Main Subject: Animal rights
Source: Heartstar channelled discourse
Channelled by: Paul Lambillion
Date: 16th April 2001
Channelled during the Foot and Mouth crisis of 2001. The content is especially relevant in relation to the present situation concerning Bird Flu and its possible repercussions.


We have at this time many challenges and many difficulties. You can see how the Animal Kingdom is crying; through it's Soul, and saying to you many things. And it is saying most of all to you, "look at us, look at what befalls us", because you see, if there is dis-ease, then the dis-ease is there as an aspect of imbalance. It is not because some virus has suddenly decided that it is a good idea to attack England. It is not because some virus has suddenly said to the Animal Kingdom we are going to come in and destroy you. It is because that Kingdom is ill at ease and an aspect of it particularly is ill at ease and therefore it is crying out from its heart, and it can be said that every animal that is burning at this time is making a sacrifice. That the human family may awaken to it's self to what it does. Because it has damaged the Animal Kingdom. And the Animal Kingdom is in its self seeking to make a great step in consciousness and it can only do this through its relationship with the human family and the best expression of that relationship, and so it is no good any longer to deal with animals and to have a relationship with them that places them in a kind of thraldom, whereby they are not respected and loved and where the light in them is not perceived. And so these times are offering human beings a great opportunity here, particularly in this country in these moments.
You are going perhaps to think to yourselves, why has it occurred predominantly here? The answer is it hasn't. There have been incidences of this very virus in your own Continent, in Greece for example just some time back there were incidences of this same virus, and in other parts of the planet. But you see because of the high media exposure that occurs in your own country here, and because of the particular nature of the vibration, there is one could say, an excellent opportunity for this process to awaken people. To say, there is a message here.
It is not simply about a virus and some cattle, or some sheep or some creatures. It is telling us something else. And some souls are beginning to see this, and to recognise this and to understand that there is a profound message here for all of you.


Heartstar, a further question on the virus affecting our farm animals. Will there be a change in the way that animals are perceived and kept by us. Will they be treated in the future with more respect, and if there are changes will they be only in this country or global eventually?

The Guides answer:

There will have to be a change, it has to occur, because one of the things that the human family has tended to do, is to damage the dignity of the animal and to not honour the spirit. Now, when we see those who protest, for example you have currently big issues in relation to the testing of dangerous chemicals in animals to see whether or not they will work in human beings in a therapeutic way.
Now, the Animal Kingdom has long been, we could say, in co-operation with the Human Kingdom and was allowing itself to be, one could say, subservient to human need and to place itself in grace because of it. For example - If a human being found that he needed to eat flesh, because he could find no other food to sustain himself, the Animal Kingdom accepted that the human being had precedence over it's existence and was willing to surrender an aspect of it's nature. In other words, if a human being slaughtered an animal for food it was acceptable, and spiritually one could say, at some level, at some time, it was an acceptable experience for the Animal Kingdom and for the Human Kingdom. However, this led to abuse and you are very familiar with the abuses, both in terms of some practices that are supposed to be husbandry, but in point of fact turn out to be nothing more than abuse, and also in terms of the seeking to overcome human dis-ease by chemicalising animals.
Now, you have to ask yourself some questions here: If you need a drug for you own treatment, it is perfectly good for you to have that drug, but is it right that you should ask another kingdom to test that for you?
You can equally ask yourself, should you allow another human being to test that for you before you utilise it. It is a very big question, and our argument would be stated around the issue in relation to the animal. Because, you see, it could be said that the Animal Kingdom was willing to accept the process in which it was tested with chemical substances to see if they were safe or what side effects they would produce, so long as the human being honoured, the animal and the spirit that was in the animal. But this was not done. The animal was often brutalised, was treated in a very, one could say dreadful manner, and it is this that was wrong. But if the human individual could then connect with the spirit of the animal, and then engage with the practices, it would change the vibration of that experience completely. And of course then what would happen, that as you honour the spirit in the animal, you would be less and less willing to impose upon it the pain and the damage that can occur through the testing of the chemical substance. But it has to come through consciousness in this way.
And it can be seen at this time, that the Animal Kingdom, generally, is offering the human family a chance to observe the effects, the Karma, of that which it has done. It is observing the indecency of the relationship the human being has unfolded with the Animal Kingdom. And there is a message that has to be learned and understood. And if it is not learned and understood, then the processes will continue.
If you look in the last few years, you have some incredible awakenings, some remarkable warnings, and these have been very clear, and yet they have been ignored, largely, and people have said, oh well, we won't do this, but we carry on doing this. And they do not understand the truth of the message that is being given, but ultimately you will have to, because you will not be allowed to continue the relationship with the Animal Kingdom as you have done in the past.
Now you are very fortunate, because the Soul of the Animal Kingdom is so remarkable that it is very tolerant. It is a very creative Soul, and therefore it is very forgiving, and it is unlikely that the animals on the planet will turn hostile upon you in large numbers, and you want to be grateful for that because they would outnumber you considerably. And it is within the grace that they offer themselves unto you. But the awakening is coming, and we would say to you, the next time that you see some of these animals in dis-ease or in pain, or in some kind of suffering that is inflicted by the human interaction with them, or by the current circumstances that could be seen to be an accident, but of course are not, you should look into the eyes of those animals and see what they seem to be saying to you, because the answer is there.
Does that answer your question for you?

Question (from another individual in the group) Reference SOME animal activists:

Is there not an irony that at this time we have some groups of people who claim to be representing the animals, who are in fact behaving in a remarkably repressive and irrational manner?

The Guides answer:

It is often the case. As we have said, you will find those who will endorse a cause, and will endorse a process, simply to impose upon it their own kind of darkness. And it is not right to meet violence with violence, it is not right to meet pain with pain. But some of them choose to do this to cause pain in others, and to use their own darkness to do such a thing. They do not operate out of love for the Animal Kingdom, they operate through their hatred, not of the Animal Kingdom, but of themselves. And therefore they impose this on others, and those who seem to them to be inflicting pain on the Animal Kingdom are a target that they can use for their own profits and their own difficulties.
That is not to say that we condemn the process of protestation and drawing attention of others what you perceive to be misdemeanour and bad practice and unacceptable behaviour. But equally, it is important that you do not use such a situation to bring to the surface your own darkness.
And this is what some people have done, and it is as you say an ironical experience, that they should say you must not harm animals, but it is ok to harm my fellow man. This is equally stupid and it does not operate within any spiritual light. But there are those who quietly seek to bring change, who would discuss through their own light with others, that things may change, and this has to come, it has to come. It cannot continue in the way that it is because you will find if you do not, if you would say 'get the message' from what happens now, then you will get the message from something else that comes.

The Guides returning to the first questioner

We are being told that we did not answer your question completely.
Because you mentioned the process in England itself. England is an interesting place, this is a place of very high vibration. It has its difficulties, but it also has, one could say, a lot of creative vibration within it, and because of the innate tolerance of the vibration of this place, there is a great likelihood that the message would be understood here and transmitted to other parts of the world, and we are not entirely sure why this should have emerged quite so powerfully in your own country. But it has, and therefore there is a great chance that the idea that emerges through the animal's suffering may resonate more powerfully in other parts of the world, and the information will travel.


It just seems that the Government is in denial of certain aspects of the dis-ease, and how their actions in handling the crisis as well as the way in which agricultural industry is allowed to operate, perpetuates the poor welfare of the animals.

The Guides continued:

Well, you know your politicians at this time, as we have said, are in a little battle, and there are some of them who are recognising that the time has come for a change in the practice of animal husbandry, and some of them, we believe have already made public statements to this effect. That is a promising start, because it means they can see a deeper message in what goes on. That these animals do not resist this virus because there is dis-ease in them. And that some of your politicians, we believe have begun to recognise this, and we feel this must lead to a change in practice. If it does not, then something else will emerge with an even more powerful message.
And you see this is not just affecting those who raise the animals, it is affecting many other people. You live in a society that is so interactive and interdependent.
No longer can you have an experience that remains isolated in one part of the community, it is affecting everyone and therefore something has to emerge, and there will be many more things that occur, not necessarily in this connection, that are there to wake people up to the issues of change that are so important at this time.
There are of course those who would remain where they were, and say 'let us get back to normal, let us return, let us clear the virus and then we can go back to where we were' - but they cannot - and so they will have to learn as everyone in this time is learning.