Extract from Heartstar transcript 25th January 2008

A reminder that we are the creators of our reality and thus powerful.

Always remember that what is reality for you is effectively an extension of yourself, with others participating in it with you. But it is a reality that travels through your consciousness and finds in your mind the means by which it can become specific and real for you - to the extent that you create it very effectively and efficiently with a strength and a profundity that means for most human souls the outer reality is, of course, the reality - whereas it is in fact a created reality through the Creator - and you are essentially the agent of that creative pattern.
We would urge you never to lose sight of that truth. When you encounter difficulties and traumas and problems and sadness, restrictions and the like on the outer realms, never lose sight of the fact that it is a process of creativity and unfoldment that functions through you all of the time. If you have that in your consciousness as a growing realisation, then ultimately it makes you more powerful. It makes you all-powerful, and it gives you the right and the freedom to explore and express your reality as you, at your highest level of understanding, can best perform and celebrate the wisdom of the spirit that is your true self.

The purpose of this discourse is to help us to during the emerging pattern of unfoldment in the near future.

We would speak a little of these times.
In our view of things there are various points in the projected future that the human family collectively have worked together to form Therefore we can pick on certain months and times as being of notable consequence - notable consequence in that they produce a change in the rhythm and the expression in the outer life. Of course, for them to produce a change in such a way means that they are reflecting a change on the inner planes, and the higher planes of self. You cannot have movement in the outer planes, and developments in the outer planes unless they are projected through and from within those who perceive those alterations and modulations.
For us, looking at the way you have organised your world here, it would seem that when you approach the springtime of this year, and as the time gathers pace through the months of March particularly, then you will begin to notice certain remarkable changes, perhaps not so much always in the outer level (although they will exist there, of course), but in the way that you relate to the outer reality.
If we consider this more profoundly: there is no difficulty with looking on the outside and exploring this and exploring that – but it is only of value as a reference point that returns you back inside yourself. As you know, when you truly discover the inner kingdom, when you truly unlock and remember what you really are, then the outer world will seem to you as something that no longer dominates. In fact, although it has a place, it will have a place just as a garment has a place when you wear it. It will not dominate you; it will not imprison you, but rather adorn the expression of yourself.
So when we look at time and we consider this time before you, in the way that you travel through it, then as you approach what you call the ‘Springtime’ and the months of March and perhaps a little of that which is called ‘April’, you should begin to sense a stirring and a change within the self.
Of course, as this process works, because of the need for awakening, because of the need for true realisation, then inevitably to many - and to perhaps a large proportion of the human family - there may seem to be some difficulties and challenges.
It is particularly true for those who see the outer reality as that which dominates. It will be especially true for those who have invested all in the outer planes - those who see material reality as the cause celebre, as the actuality of life. For those who are focused in such a way life in the outer planes may appear to become more difficult, less predictable, more fragmented, and in many respects even unpleasant. This is because of the focus: what is often said to be ‘the place in consciousness in which you find yourself’. If you can imagine yourself, for example, to be one who has no understanding of an inner or a higher life, one who dismisses anything other than the material world as being reality, then, if you can even begin to connect with that view of life, you can understand increasingly the frustrations and difficulties and challenges that will be very much the experience of those whose total immersion in the outer world really has magnetised and withdrawn them from any serious understanding consciously of their spiritual and inner nature.
However, for those who have a different view, for those who have a view that says: ‘I understand this outer world, that it operates as an aspect of my own creativity. I understand that as this world unlocks this experience for me, what it is really doing is asking me whether this is what I choose to experience, and if I choose to experience it … why? … So that I may then move forward and leave behind such experience, and with my creativity begin to progress and unfold and unlock more and more of my spirit and of my inner and true self.’
In this regard, the future - and how the future works - as it always has done, will depend on you, and where you are in your consciousness. While this has always been true, of course, it becomes even more true as you progress through the next year or so, as the time unlocks and unravels in front of you like a magical, wonderful carpet. Your place in consciousness - how you see yourself - how you understand yourself to be as an entity - will be increasingly critical in the manner in which you experience and work through your experience in these coming times.
Therefore it is almost as if there will be even more of a schism in human experience – that for some it becomes more difficult, and for others it becomes more meaningful, more dynamic, more purposeful, more engaging. But it depends on you, as it has always done – but even more so in these times.

Greater awareness of the changes to come should not lead to any sense of elitism, but rather to a greater sense of responsibility.

Now, at the risk of seeming to express that there is an idea of elitism here, that there are those of you who can say: ‘Well, we have certainly grown in consciousness. I understand all this stuff that they speak of, and I know it, and I work it a little bit now, and therefore I’m OK. I am in this wonderful spiritual bubble and therefore I shall be fine. But as to those who are very locked into their material reality - well, it is sad, but hard luck nonetheless, because you have chosen that way.”
In this process, what you have to bear in mind is that as well as looking after yourself and unlocking your own consciousness, then you must equally be in the understanding that you do it not for yourself, but you do it for everyone else who is participating in this reality with you, and especially those who for one reason or another are still locked into their material focus. Because, your see, there is no elitism in the realm of the spiritual self, there is no real hierarchy. We speak of ‘hierarchies’, but merely as a delineation of responsibility – not as an expression of superiority. What you must understand is that as you grow spiritually then your responsibility equally grows with you. The more you raise your own consciousness and expand your understanding, the more responsibility you have.
There are those who treat spirituality like some peculiar kind of club where they get together in their mystical groups and do all sorts of strange things, and then rather suggest that they are in some mysterious way different from everybody else. But this is never true. It is simply that some of you have been given an opportunity. Do not see it in any way as being separatism, or elitism, but rather as something given to you, as a chance to awaken yourself and be more and more operative from the core of your spirit, so that you in turn, either directly or indirectly, radiate to others the possibility of such awakening too.
You can get nowhere unless everybody else does. You cannot leave this planet behind and say goodbye and leave all the others in the mire. There are many spiritual stories that have suggested this – that there will be those who are so transformed in the coming years that they will leave here in some wonderful elitist spiritual capacity, and leave the others to go through another series of things. Such talk does not understand the bonding of the human soul, and does not understand the collectivism of human consciousness on the earth. You cannot leave anyone behind.

The prime responsibility is to oneself, but in the sense of being more disciplined than ever about inner work, which in turn helps everybody.

This is why, in this time, you have a responsibility, of course, first of all to yourself, and you must be very, very disciplined in these times, very disciplined for your inner work and your inner time. Do not look at your watch and say: “I cannot do it today because I am too busy.” Do not say: “I cannot pray and reflect and connect with my inner self today because I have more important things to do.” Because there is nothing more important than that, and there is nothing, nothing at all, more important than the unlocking of your inner light in these times. And the more you unlock your inner light the more then you can express your true presence in this outer world. You can have an imprint of your real identity more and more functioning in the outer planes. So there is nothing more important than that – and you do it, remember, not just for yourself, but for everybody.
There are those who have still got a little trapped in what is often called ‘the psychic delights’, and go off with their little bits of phenomena here and there. They miss the point, because these things are there to awaken you back into yourself, but not to be celebrated in themselves. So often what is called ‘spiritual’ becomes part of the glamour, part of the mystique that is nothing to do with growth of the true self. Whilst it can be fascinating to do all these outer things, they have little meaning, other than that they return you to yourself. You don’t need anything for that; you don’t need any particular thing other than yourself.
So in this coming time it is for you to firmly establish the unfoldment of your real self – to look to the soul, to its higher nature (which is eternal), and to be a diligent, respectful, and honest extension of that soul, so that you fulfil your destiny and your duty as this planet seeks to rise into a higher expression of itself.

It is imperative that we fully accept that the outer world is our creation and not blame others for it.

And it can only do so through you. Do not go into the outer world and blame other people and say: “I am very spiritual. If it wasn’t for this lot it would be OK! I am very spiritual, look at me, I am doing wonderful things! I recycle everything. I do marvellous things for the planet. I do this; I do that. But it is these others that are doing it.”
No! That is not the way! The way is in you, in yourself. Every time that you see something on the outer planes that offends you, find out what it is that offends you in yourself. Every time somebody on the outer planes does something that angers you, that annoys you, that seems to you to be polluting or destroying, do not go and fight them, do not blame them, do not place before them the problem. It is in you. It is in you.
We often see our problems and our difficulties and we ignore them as if they matter not. We are too busy looking at the problems in everybody else, and what they do wrong - how they are holding up our progress. It is not them! It is ourselves.
In this time, that has to be the fundamental underlying platform from which you work in consciousness. And only then, only then will you see true progress and the unfoldment of a greater, greater experience. There is no other way. You can blame who you like, but until you come back into yourself and realise that it is your own creation there is no way that you can fulfil this wonderful destiny that you have inside you.

The quality of our engagement with the events that are already unfolding will determine how quickly we ‘unlock’ the true glory of ourselves – but this is entirely inner work.

We would say this to you: as this time unfolds, remember that it is a time in which there will be some struggles evident to you because you have created them. They are already there, waiting over the horizon. It is how you negotiate them that determines how quickly and how wonderfully you unlock the light and glory that is in you. That is what is so fundamentally important – how you engage with that which awaits you.
We remind you that you are in transition in consciousness anyway, both individually and within the collective experience you have. The outer collective experience can be said to be one that is ‘negotiated’, in some sense. That it is, if you like, your projection - but within that projection there is a deep negotiation taking place between your self, your higher self, and what you understand to be the souls and higher selves of others in the outer planes. And this process is even more dynamic, and this process demands from you that instead of looking for solutions in the outer world you look for solutions where they have always been – and that, of course, is on the inner planes, and in the inner self.

This process is not going to be easy, but it is why we chose to be here. We are here to unfold the Age of the Soul.

These things are of no value as ideas unless you take them with you, and you reflect on them and work with them. They are of no value as merely a discussion point for an afternoon. They are the very foodstuff for your journey. They are the essence of that which is being asked of you. No-one ever said it would be easy. When you incarnated you were not given some kind of cosmic discount which said: “Well, you can go down and it’ll be OK. It will be a good option for you, and it will all be OK for you. No problem.” No-one ever said that! You came here as souls because of the power, and the glory, and the magnificence in you – the love and the wisdom that you could employ in this outer exchange here. That is why you came. You did not come for a rest. You came here to participate actively in consciousness. That is what you came to do.
If that were not true, then you wouldn’t be here – and by ‘here’ we do not mean within these walls, we mean on the planet itself. You came because of what you have and what you bring. And in the centre of what you bring, of course, is the light of the spirit – the glory of the soul – because the age that you are unfolding in your outer reality is the age of the soul as we have told you many times - the age of the true knight, of the eternal being, of the king, of the Divine One, of the Christ. That is what these times are before you now. That is the time that you unlock. And the more that you work to understand the king, the light, the divine within you, the more the outer world can reflect it.

The knowledge of this unfoldment should lead to profound and subtle feelings of joy and anticipation, and a restlessness akin to that felt by a performer before the start of a performance.

This should fill you with both a sense of anticipation and also an underlying current of joyfulness - because the joyfulness flows through every fibre of your nature. And it comes because you know - you know within you where the glory resides. You know within you where the power and the wonder is. You know within you just how much love there is. You know. And it is for you simply to pay homage to that - to beckon it and summon it to the surface for what increasingly the outer world is in fact a reflection of the inner world.
It is in your hands; it is in your hands. We cannot do it! It is not for us to do. We are a kind of visiting lecturer, you might say, in the college of life -just trying to give you some support from the unseen levels of life. But the power, and the wisdom, and the authority is yours. In your heart you should feel the joy of this. You should feel something in you that urges you. It is that current in your being that says to you: “I know there is something else. I know there is something better than that. I know it must be different to how I see it now. I know somehow this creation, this creation here, stirs in me a restlessness because it has to be in some way different to how it is.”
That is one of the most important signals of all - [10] because it is in that restlessness, in that vibration where you almost tremble sometimes - it is in there that you have the clue.
It is almost as if you are in a large theatre waiting for the performance, before the curtain moves and everything is revealed. That sense of anticipation should be in you now, and if you find that the outer world expresses to you anything less than the highest possibilities, then that is why you have that sense of restlessness, that urge, that desire to move things forward and to change them. But remember, do not try to simply tinker with the outer world, because the trembling is your spirit, it is your soul within you, really knocking on the door of your consciousness and saying: “Come on! Here is the way. Let us go forward. Let us encounter what we have created, and let us continually improve and raise what we see and what we do and what we know, knowing that we have the total possibility in us thus to do.”

We should relish the privilege of having chosen to be here at this time and the creative opportunities it offers.

What a gift you have to be here! What a wonderful thing it is for you to be on the earth in this time! In the mornings when you awaken you should get up into the world, out of your bed and embrace the day, because it is in such a way that you will take the steps forward that are necessary.
Of course occasionally you will feel that you embrace the day and it doesn’t embrace you back exactly. There will be times when you think: “My, I have been hugging life so much and all it has done to me is stick pins in me!” But if you think properly the pins can turn to rubber, and the rubber can turn to warmth, and the warmth can turn to joy, because you have this marvellous capacity.
The unfoldment of the age of the soul will surely happen – it is not a choice. It is rather a programme that you are participating in and that you have to enact - and therefore you do not have a choice. But you do have a wonderful opportunity to be creative and to celebrate in that scheme of things - to expand.
The age of the soul is what you now are entering.
It is for you to decide how you do it. It is for you to “dot the i’s and cross the ‘t’s", to fill in some of the details. But the process is under way, and it is the most important thing that we can say to you.

***The external details about ourselves are not important. “It is what you give of yourself, through yourself, that is of paramount importance in these times.”***

It matters not what your background is. It matters not where you come from in terms of geography or race – whatever the cultural or spiritual formative patterns are in you. They are merely there to give you a kind of tapestry to recognise yourself by.
When you truly see within then you understand these things as nothing more than pictures on a page. But they are not the story. The story is you. And so you should grasp this time with a sense of joy and realise that in the service of yourself you serve everything. In the love of yourself you love everything. In the understanding of yourself you understand everything. In the giving of yourself you give of everything to everyone. It is said that the measure of one who leaves this world is not by what he took but by what, rather, he gave. It is what you give of yourself, through yourself, that is of paramount importance in these times.
This is the most important thing that we can tell you.
Transcribed and edited by Erik Punaks to whom we offer our grateful thanks.