Heartstar Planetary Healing Attunement

Heartstar Planetary Healing Attunement
In these times of great and accelerating change, we can use our connection to higher power, forces and light to help all the kingdoms on the planet to grow, including ourselves. By linking together regularly in a simple loving attunement our own raised frequency then merges with everything on this earth in a blessed, harmonious and beautiful unity. The more of us who participate in this process the greater the benefits will be for all. And the central force of course, is love.

The Attunement

  • Be quiet for a few moments breathing deeply becoming as calm as possible.
  • Imagine the 12 pointed star with its 12 “petals” and central space. (There are images of this on my web site should you need one.)
  • In the centre of the star imagine the earth.
  • Then focus on the petals of the star, starting with the one at the 1 o’clock position.
  • Connect the love in your heart to this petal and focus upon this love, uttering the words “I love you” slowly.
  • Repeat this with each petal moving slowly clockwise as you do so, until you have connected with all 12 of them.
  • Focus then upon the planet in the centre of the star as the 12 petals fold inwards, wrapping the earth and everything on it in this love. At this point you can also bring to mind any individual or situation upon the earth where healing love is needed, including yourself, knowing that love heals perfectly, completely.
  • Finally, as an “amen” meaning “it is so”, just say “I love you” again and “Thank you”.
Then breathe deeply for a few moments becoming fully grounded in your body.
This simple attunement, when practised a few times, will only take a few minutes and we are suggesting that as many of us as possible do it between 9 and 10 p.m. UK time on a Wednesday. If you cannot attune then, that is fine so try to find another space on your Wednesday. If you are in a different time zone, practice the attunement in your own local time frame.
On other days of the week think of the attunement briefly in any convenient moment even if you cannot work through the whole process. If you wear a silver or gold Heartstar simply tap it gently three times.
If you are healer or therapist you can invite your clients to participate as all involved will benefit.
Thank You. I love you.
Paul Lambillion and Heartstar