Energistics and Business

During the past 16 years, I have been working closely and regularly with a few Chairmen, MDs and CEOs of large international companies and groups to assist them in their decision making and projections for their businesses.
Energistics is the term I use to describe the processes involved that enable us to view an enterprise and the institution(s) through which it works and expresses itself, from a higher level of perception.
Viewing the business and its activity from a higher viewpoint enlarges the creative perception of it we have and changes fundamentally the dynamics within which it operates, and the influence we can have on its unfoldment.
It is an extremely liberating approach to business and commercial activity as it breaks down many old misconceptions and opens out a more enjoyable and successful possibility for the future success of the enterprise at all levels – for employees, management, shareholders and directors, customers and the products or services themselves.
There are certain fundamental ideas necessary for the development of an energistic approach. Among the most important are:
  1. Things tend to behave as we treat them and become as we continually perceive them.
  2. The enterprise or business has to be perceived as a unit that is an entity within itself - a living, dynamic creature, fuelled and stimulated by its component parts and given its unique quality by the effective rich blend of the mental, spiritual and physical energies of those within its structure.
  3. The components of the business, i.e. staff, management, products, buildings, policy, are also to be perceived as unique entities, all having powerful, creative levels within them which can be used for the mutual development of the enterprise and their own lives. Business success and individual, personal growth and success are completely compatible and necessary.
  4. The essentially competitive ethos in business is flawed. It is based on concepts of limitation and finite thinking and has nothing to do with the true energy and power of life, as expressed primarily in individuals through their creative minds and intuition. Success is possible for everyone, and not just at the expense or detriment of another.
  5. The energy of any individual is always useful and, when used constructively to a creative end, is never wasted, lost or useless.
  6. The culture of the business is the energy it produces through the collective thinking and actions of all involved - including customers and clientele. To create the best culture in an enterprise, we must create the right environment for the development of the intuition in individuals and the space for creative reflection prior to action and implementation of ideas and plans.
Areas in which an energistic approach has a particular particularly valuable connection are:
  • The appointment of suitable staff - an inappropriate appointment is stifling both for the company and the employee.
  • The selection of compatible management, especially in a group of companies where the inter-dependent nature of the work and its successful development depends upon an effective balance of talents and aptitudes in the group managers, executives and directors.
  • The creation of good dynamic energy within the company or institution and simple practices which make this more possible.
  • Problem solving in relation to a new product or service, policy, directions and innovations. A new product or service can expand the energy of a company but can also, with poor timing, weaken it and disperse its energy too thinly at that moment.
  • The enabling of a happy, committed and creative workforce and staff.
  • The symbiosis between company directors, managers and their businesses when problem solving.
The application of energistics in business is the way forward for the enlightened, creative and intuitive manager and businessman.