Heartstar Channelled Discourse May 2009

Preface: a reminder that events within us and in the outside world are inextricably interlinked

We will begin by restating and emphasising an important truth for you to bear in mind: what you witness in your outer world is important and always relates back to your inner world. In other words, that which you see on the outside is in itself an indicator of what is happening on the inside.

The importance of the evolving ‘meta-heart’ chakra in bringing greater openness and truth

You may remember that one of the key emerging vibrations in the human being is the vibration which we refer to as the ‘meta-heart’. This exists in the system of psychic vortices, or ‘centres’, or ‘chakras’, as you sometimes call them. It is a centre of great importance in the times that you now find yourselves, and in the experiences that you encounter in the outer planes of the three-dimensional world. This is because this centre and the forces that it processes are so closely connected with the removal of much illusion, and with enabling the individual to connect with more of the truth, and more of that which is possible in and through the human mind, the human consciousness, and the human heart.

How Hearstar sees this development as manifesting in the outer world, and how it will make us more aware that every action has effects throughout the cosmos.

As you look into your outer world you can clearly see the signs where those institutions and those patterns of society that have largely flourished through either deceit, or at least through concealing some ideas and issues, are increasingly finding it difficult to continue in the old way. The masks that have hidden so much are gradually being dismantled one way or another.
This means, of course, that there is inevitably movement towards a greater openness, a greater integrity – you could say more honesty, more truth. This is the inevitable consequence – or at least one major consequence - of the transferral from a life based upon an intellectual and rational, and sometimes narrow, focus, to a life that is increasingly expanding into a broader and more dynamic and further seeing process.
This means that perceptually the disconnected, isolated three-dimensional world and the non connectedness of things will increasingly be seen as untrue.
If we look at some of the other implications of this, it also tells us that what we do in the outer world of course impacts on everything else. The actions we take, the thoughts that we have, even the breath that we take – all of these things have a consequence that affects everything, everywhere. That applies not just here, not just in this space at this moment, but in everything throughout the entire cosmos. Every thought you have touches the heavens. Every action you take has a dynamic impact through universes, through time and space.
And this truth will become more and more apparent in the years to come. Already the growing processing in you of vibrations of truth and honesty and openness mean that you can no longer live in a society where so much is based upon the hidden, the deceitful, and so on.
That does not mean that overnight everyone will become so virtuous that you will have no problems and no issues to deal with - and that everyone will suddenly be so open about everything that there will be no secrets hidden at all. But the process is clear - it is unmistakeable - and in your culture you have seen instances of this in your public and commercial affairs already. There will be many more.

This process will call for greater integrity from all of us as individuals, and consequently a greater influence on the change taking place.

You can assist this process in your own lives by living as truthfully as you can, and in seeking to perform activities as honestly and openly as you can. Of course, you always have to act, speak and think with sensitivity, and take into account the feelings and the needs and delicacy of those with whom you share your lives. But, on the other hand, you will increasingly be asked to be true to what you feel, to what you believe, to what you know to be true. As your consciousness raises, and the forces of your soul or spirit, become more and more active, so it is that your awareness will change. You will see through the hidden, through the veils that have so long been the curtain between three-dimensional and what we call ‘fourth-‘ and ‘fifth-dimensional’ awareness.
Those who seek to be powerful through control and manipulation, and through being ‘economical with the truth’, will find that this is no longer an acceptable way to be.
But also - because you are here in this life, in this place, in this time - it is for you, amongst others, to be at the forefront of this change in thinking and awareness. You have come here on this earth at this time because you have the mechanism in you through which this process can express itself. You have what could be described as ‘the dynamics’ in place - ‘the dynamics’ which enable each one of you as an individual to be a channel, a vehicle, or a reference point for a greater awareness and a greater understanding.

‘Rational’ scepticism is on the verge of becoming redundant.

One of the interesting questions of your society is often the one postulated by those who have an extreme logical and rationalist approach to life, and that is the question of: ‘Is there a God?’ or ‘Is there a creator? Is there divinity?’ Questions such as this will eventually be redundant and of no consequence whatsoever because such a question will not be entertained. You move into a time of intuitive understanding, of ‘knowingness’. And in ‘knowingness’ such a question is irrelevant. In your heart and in your being you will know of the existence of some essence of life which you could allude to as ‘the creator’, ‘the source’, ‘that through which all things come’.

Crossing into this new world may be rather frightening, but will lead to a complete new vision of life and of humanity in due course.

So here you are on the bridge of transition - moving across the bridge now. Each one of you is on the bridge of transition. In fact the entire human family is on the bridge of transition. Some are not so keen as others to walk across it, but walk across it you must.
Once you get to the other side, once you find yourself on the terra firma of a new consciousness, then you will see very clearly how it is that this open, clearer reality will place great responsibility upon you. But it will also offer to you remarkable opportunity – an opportunity for an open and more loving and more tolerant culture of being – one in which everyone is valued – everyone is valued and understood to be valued - and where, increasingly, human beings will read in each other the essence of the true nature of the human being. The true nature of the human being is not a physical body that is limited by the extent of its skin and its tissue, but rather an individual in whom and through whom radiates the most beautiful light - the light being, of course, the source of all consciousness in the cosmic pattern, the cosmic pattern that you find yourselves within.

The apparent dismantling of the current world need not be a negative process if we approach it with dedication and positivity. Everything is possible. It is all happening through us.

In the coming times you will listen to the processes of discussion and debate around you. As you observe what occurs in your outer world you will seek to make sense of it, to understand it, to integrate, to see where the solutions may emerge. As this happens, recognise that although this outer world is going to crumble - as it must, since you cannot usually put up a new building before you have removed the other one - equally such dismantling can be peaceful and can be joyful. It does not have to be confrontational, and the source of argument and of conflict.
But as you look at life and see what is happening, dedicate yourself to be a vehicle for the change that is necessary. Place your thoughts both in your heart and in your meta-heart. Think of the proximity of these two cousins – the ‘great heart’ and the ‘fine heart’. As you think of these two cousins – the ‘heart’ and the ‘meta-heart’ as we more often refer to them - dedicate yourself to be a channel for the greater good, for the expansion of life, and the joy of life with all creation, and particularly in the dimension of human activity on this earth, and how through you and through all your endeavours you wish to see a process that is one of unfolding joy and happiness, and of love, of goodness and of openness and of honesty – the pursuit of as much understanding as you can have - the greater awareness of life, seeing those things and knowing those things that hitherto have seemed to be either impossible or only the fantasies of a very active imagination.
But remember: all things are possible. There is no thing that is not possible in this scheme of life. Anyone who denies that anything can be so does not understand the complexity and the infinite variety of creation in which you live. And it is for you to be the channel through which - in these dynamics of your being - the greater truth and the greater awareness can be made plain. Because it happens through you; what is happening out there is happening through you. When you see the change and you detach from it and seek to understand the message it is bringing to you - not just the detailed message, but the greater message – that greater message is not about the circumstances outside you. That greater message is about you, and what is happening in you.

We need to continual affirm and remind ourselves of the positivity of these events to counter the naturally conservative elements within our subconscious and the limitations of our physical incarnation which can lead to fear.

We wish to explore this issue at this time because it is so vital and important and needs continuous affirmation. We need continuous affirmation in times of great change. Although we often welcome change - although we are thirsty for something more precious and more wonderful than that which is or has been - equally, even when we welcome such change, it can still be a little taxing and difficult and unsettling, and on some occasion even frightening. This is because all of us have within us a security in the status quo. Whether we like it or not, whether we criticise it or not, whether we condemn it and say ‘Aren’t things awful’ in this or in that or in that, nonetheless, in our subconscious minds, there is security in the familiar. So we have to be brave and courageous in these times.
But you came here in a courageous way. Coming to the earth, as you have done many times, is not in certain respects the easiest choice in the cosmos, but it is one that through your soul groupings you have made, and so you have within you an element of the courage you need already.
And most of you, prior to your incarnation, have been in some fear of coming – fear of the separation that tends to descend on the mind once you are in the concrete mind here. You feel separated from what you have left behind. In your childhood you retain the glimpses, but the forgetfulness ultimately takes over until something awakens you.
But, even allowing for the joy which is to come, recognise that however difficult it is, you have, as we have said, ‘the mechanism’. You came here because you were able to participate in the change and had potential to be a significant vehicle in bringing it to pass.

At the core of the process are the qualities of the heart and meta-heart, which embody the love at the core of our being.

And you do this in memory of your two hearts – your ‘great heart’ or your ‘central heart’, and your ‘meta-heart’ - your ‘fine heart’. Together, through these processes, you remember your true nature - which is as a creature of love and compassion, of immense creativity and wisdom. This is the being to remember in you, and to look at your circumstances in such a way, to be involved with others in such a mind, that you are loving, creative and forgiving and moving forward into a new awareness that you welcome in your heart for yourself and for others.
Transcribed and edited by Erik Punaks to whom we offer our grateful thanks.