February 2016

Changing, Clearing and Letting Go

Admiring the golden daffodils in my garden – yes, they started their Spring weeks ago in January – I reflected that if they can cope so wonderfully with the immense changes going on and still manage to flourish, then so can I.
Times are certainly moving more quickly. I’m sure you can feel that and see it in your own life especially as these changes accelerate.
A client said to me the other day, “I am glad that the world is changing, and much of the old stuff is beginning to crumble away. I always thought it would, but it is the uncertainty it creates I find difficult. And at the same time, old problems and issues I thought I had solved and healed are resurfacing too, adding to my frustration.”
I nodded in empathy with her. It can indeed be very puzzling. Big social, political, economic and geophysical change is quite evident in the world but, at the same time, many old patterns re-emerge. It seems to be a huge contradiction. For example, nations seek to get together more frequently to solve problems as we realise that we are increasingly interdependent, and the issues that affect one country also affect another. Solutions have to be collective. On the other hand we see nations still opposing each other, even fighting in a futile attempt to bring harmony through conflict. A new “cold war” period was even suggested in a speech by one leader recently, something we all thought had disappeared along with the Berlin Wall.
So, what are we to do? Are we all powerless, tossed around like flotsam on life’s turbulent and unpredictable sea? Land may be in sight but it still seems a long distance away.
Tucked inside the bewilderment is a powerful message. Not maybe an easy one to recognise and decipher: I can vouch for that in my own searching. But it is there I assure you.
Our outer world is merely an effect, a shadow of what is going on inside us. The realm of causes is deep within us. It is an accumulation of thought patterns and attitudes developed over years and years, and, I believe, many human life times. Our world serves us well as it reflects our innermost memories and conditioning, like an unfailing perfect mirror. Whatever is happening outside is first happening inside.
While we are consciously unaware of most of our thoughts, surging as they do from our vast subconscious, wrapping themselves in emotional force before materialising, we are still responsible for them: an uncertain rapidly changing world, with old wounds reappearing is actually our own story.
Something inside us is urging us to change, call it the spirit, higher self or whatever. This is a time when clearing and letting go of old patterns and hurts lurking within us is absolutely vital. We have to be willing to change, to encounter these issues now and to release them, for we cannot take them forward with us if we wish to grow. The ego won’t like this. It feels threatened when we seek to break an old pattern, even if it is bringing pain to us. The ego works very much on the maxim “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know.” It loves to hold on, largely through the defensive forces of the solar plexus. We could be in daily therapy for a hundred years but it is very unlikely, whatever method is employed, that the core hurts and issues that bug us will be truly released. We may get easement, and welcome useful support from others when in crisis but true release and what is referred to as letting go, can and will only occur when we take full responsibility and do it for ourselves, day by day, moment by moment. Until such an awakening takes place, it is purely palliative. Nothing wrong with that in certain respects, and we may all need that sometimes especially early on in our healing journey. But it is still only a delaying of the inevitable personal encounters we will have with the forces of our deeply hidden past, masquerading as problems. These encounters afford the possibility for true permanent healing.
So the old problems reappear. We were convinced we’d healed them and now we are understandably disappointed. Well please don’t despair. If you can feel an old problem it is telling you that it is near to the surface of your emotional field and aura, stimulating your nerves, bubbling away on the edge of your chakra system ready to be dealt with. It is an opportunity. Clearing activity doesn’t guarantee you won’t experience any more of the problem – often the more you clear, the more space you leave for other thoughts to be cleared too; memories and old programmes gather in large fields or clusters in us, quite visible in the aura. A single outer issue, fear or phobia will certainly have many, many, separate inner causes which we usually release gradually, a bit at a time, hence its apparent return after maybe a long period of respite from it. But it does mean that you will begin to understand you are far more powerful than you realised and that once you make some true breakthroughs, effect some profound releases and begin to take complete responsibility for your entire experience, you will slowly but surely become more and more freed. And, in my experience, when a problem does return it is always dealt with more quickly than previously until the whole field of memories associated with it is cleaned up.
Now is a time for great change.
Now is a perfect time for clearing ourselves of limiting memories.
Now is a perfect time for letting go all the old patterns that hold us back.
Now is the time for taking full and complete responsibility.
I am sure we will all do it, you and me, and eventually flourish like the daffodils whatever is asked of us and however much change we encounter on our way.
Get to know your outer world as your mirror and teacher. It won’t let you down.


The workshops I have been giving on this vital theme have been very well received and I feel it is right to continue with courses predominantly focussing deeper self-awareness and mastery over the next year or so. This work is a powerful synthesis of what I observe and understand clairvoyantly in individuals and their energy fields and the studies I have made over the last 35 years concerning spiritual laws and effective consciousness raising practices from many sources and traditions. It is wonderful to see the unfoldment some of you are experiencing.
Following are a few preliminary steps I suggest you may try if you are also on this path of discovery. You may already be familiar with them but what I share is what I see and know works, allowing us to move closer to our divine essence and the unimaginable kingdom that awaits those who wish to enter it.

A Preliminary Daily Practice – 1

Take time each day to be still and be quiet for 20 minutes. That is adequate in terms of time and in my experience need be no longer.
Invest a few minutes in simply observing and feeling your breath as it flows in and out of your body. After a while, gradually slow the rhythm of your breath down, keeping the movement even and comfortable. Think of it as continuous flowing movement. If you become distracted in anyway, simply acknowledge the distraction, let go of it, and gently return to your breathing. This becomes easier the more you do it.
Once you are comfortable with this, continue your slow breathing while you focus in your Heart. It is the centre of love and understanding in you. As you focus in your Heart, have a time of thanksgiving, by mentally saying thank you for anything your life you wish to, the great and the small things.
When you have exhausted your “thank you’s” just continue to breathe rhythmically for a while longer before moving your focus to your entire physical body and then especially to your feet as they touch the floor. Finally slowly draw this exercise to a close.
If your eyes are closed, open them slowly and give yourself a few moments stillness before going about your normal activities.
During the rest of your day, pause occasionally and think of this exercise, if only for a minute or so, as if you are re-living it. Imagine you are doing it again. This will connect you to the energy of the experience and its healing benefits. If you have suitable time available, repeat the whole exercise again for 5 to 10 minutes.

Daily Revising

Before sleeping, go through your day backwards, from night to morning, recalling what you regard as the main events and see if there is anything you would have changed or done differently. As you discover something you wish to change and improve, do the following:
Instead of resisting the event you wish to change and clear, bless it and simply say thank you for it. It is teaching you something or you would not want to change it and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what the lesson is, so long as you are open to it. That begins the release and healing. So let go of it with blessing, thanksgiving and wave it off like an old acquaintance going on a voyage away from you to wherever it needs to be. It is no longer yours. Wave a “mental” handkerchief in fond farewell.
Next, imagine being “in” that experience how you wish it had been. Use a whole sensory process, seeing, feeling, smelling, touching and hearing the revised experience as if it is happening to you at that moment. Think “That is marvellous”, “Thank you” and then let go of it.
Keep a diary of anything good, wonderful, or marvellous that happens to you each day and say thank you for it. However bad a particular day may seem there is always something to be thankful for and the more you look the more you will find.
As you drift off to sleep, think of those you love and repeat “I love you” in your mind.
More next month.