September 2021
My apologies for the brevity of this update and newsletter. A more comprehensive one I had prepared over a few days simply disappeared rather mysteriously.

Heart, Oneness And Joy (HOAJ)

The trials, tribulations and crises continue to dominate so much of planetary life on the outer three dimensional level.
What else can we do? It does seem a marathon rather than a sprint and is emotionally exhausting for many.
Put simply, I suggest the perfect antidotes to these times are…
Be in your HEART as much as you can. When in difficulty, focus there in the centre of your chest, allow yourself to breathe, and open to the unlimited love that you are and you can access through you. This love is divine and perfect.
Give time to focus on the unity, the ONENESS of all life, and that you (not just your ego identity but the divine you) and all life are one. As you reflect on that truth, look around you at the earth, the sky and the heavens, at trees, flowers, your home, your room and all, and affirm that.
Think back to the JOYFUL moments when you were a very little child. There may have been difficult times too but as a child you were mainly by nature an optimist, more connected to your inner world of possibilities. Make a practice of recalling joyful memories often.
This little HOAJ tool box will serve you well if you use it persistently.
Love, good wishes and I truly hope to see you soon,

New Website

I am pleased to tell everyone my new website is at last active. It still has similar features of interest to the old one as well as new free download areas. Easy browsing and search features are also new. I’ve tried to ensure the site is user friendly and works on all devices. Why not take a peek? Or perhaps spend some time to look around and see what you might discover? Share it with others you feel may be interested in what I do perhaps?
It’s commissioned so we can add new recordings or teaching modules as they are created, so do re-visit and don’t miss out with what’s new.
For discounts, special offers, promotions and to purchase gift vouchers for others, just visit my site and go to the catalogue. Create your account. Minimal information is needed and once a member you can log in to download the products you order. With an account you can leave messages, order products, add yourself to newsletters, or even remove your account if you wish.
But you don’t need to create an account. You can still purchase some products as a guest with only your credit card. What you tell us is the only information we keep and is stored on the site only for as long as you choose. We don’t collect credit card information and your data is not used for anything except the delivery of products and if necessary to help us communicate.