October 2023

“Paul, I have a question.”

“Paul, how can you be so positive about things when events and situations around us seem to be so dire, one crisis after another?” the client asked me.
After a brief pause, I replied, “I’m not always positive by any means. I have bad days too, especially when I witness the deceit, cruelty and manipulations which seem to prevail in our world. It sometimes makes me sad, very sad, and very angry.”
The client seemed a bit surprised by my response. She sat quietly for a few moments collecting her thoughts. “Is it because you see auras, and so can sometimes see into the future and know things that we don’t know? Is it that that makes you positive and optimistic?”
“Yes and no. Yes, I am privileged to observe many things; the beautiful, wonderful possibilities in people and in our world, waiting to emerge from the shadows of this upside down life we currently have on earth; the awesome flow of the “Light Waters” seeking to penetrate all matter, mind and emotions, all beings including us humans, so we may be literally washed clean of our adopted destructive fear-based ignorance; the growing presence in us of the stunning purple-violet light which amplifies our thoughts and ideas enabling a quicker, more dynamic manifestation of the higher experiences we desire.”
“What’s the “no” bit then? You see all this stuff, so that helps you and also that you are in contact with beings on other planes?” she asked.
“The “no” or other bit that helps me to be optimistic is because I have also been here a long time now, and right from a child I have always believed in the essential goodness of people, including me, and I still do. I have also learned that if I want to change my world, I have to change something in me first. God can only do it if I make a consistent effort. When I think and act with a loving heart, am kind, thoughtful, and forgiving, some wonderful magical feeling engulfs me. I immediately feel so much lighter. This is how me and you, and others, are really meant to be. You don’t need to see auras and into other dimensions to know that.”
“And so that also helps you become positive again, Paul, when you’re feeling low?”
“Yes indeed. It reminds me to be thankful for being alive, and being able to make a difference.”
From a recent conversation
These are especially uncertain times for most of us. We face many challenges day by day and it is often difficult to know what the truth is, who and what we may trust.
The secret is always within us. If we learn to know and trust ourselves, then everything gradually becomes clearer and we know intuitively how to think, feel and act. The “low” days are consequently less frequent and no longer so intrusive.
With much love

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Paul Lambillion
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“When you awaken the light in yourselves, you awaken the light in others.”