March 2023

There are Laws and there are Laws

Hello Dear Friends
It has long been my view that the more laws a society needs in order to function, the more dysfunctional that society becomes.
Wherever we may be on the planet, those who deem to call themselves our leaders, are forever drafting and passing more and more laws through statute until we are all wrapped in an intricate web of increasingly complex governmental and supra-governmental rules and regulations which we ignore at our peril it seems.
Or do we?
Are we really bound by often poorly conceived legislation which most of us don’t fully comprehend and we may well be unaware of? Are we really obliged to bow to rules which increasingly restrict our personal freedoms in homage to some elusive and unquantifiable temporary notion referred to as the common good?
The answer is that we are not.
We are governed by much higher laws which operate, unseen, for us to learn, understand and use. Laws and principles such as Causation, Polarity, Neutralisation, Transmutation, Rhythm and so on. When we understand and USE these principles, we raise our frequency (for all is in vibration or frequency) and we thus expand our consciousness.
Instead of living in material slavery to the mental forces and ideas of others we become creators and causes, operating on higher and higher levels and overriding the effects of any laws imposed by others.
Of course I am not suggesting that we immediately run riot and see how many materially based laws we can break. There is no need for that.
Rather I am encouraging a sustained journey into the working of our minds and the consistent utilisation of the laws and principles we discover there, setting us free from all restrictions and oppressions. Discover theses higher laws and then use them. Knowledge is of no value without use.
Always remember there are laws and there are laws.
So set your mind and soul free. Transmute and change things. Live using the Higher Laws. It is simpler than you may think.
With love