Autumn 2020

Here we go – again!

Well, here we go - again! The uncertainty prevails and we are all still having to plan and live day by day, week by week. It may be tiresome, even very concerning for many, but that is how it is and we first have to accept that while remaining flexible, optimistic and strong.
Acceptance and releasing is the doorway to change and improvement. A powerful frequency-raising mind is the greatest immunity to all that life may throw at us.
I know it’s not easy but we can do it. You can do it.
There are two words that come to mind at this time for me.
The first is ‘trust’.
When all around is uncertain and as politicians, leaders and ‘guessperts’ disagree increasingly, we have to learn to trust ourselves more, to cultivate inside ourselves a space of peace and harmony where we may be more open to our inner voice and our inner light. There we will find an inner direction that far surpasses the conflict and confusion we are bombarded with persistently.
The second is ‘creativity’.
One effect of the outer restrictions imposed on us has been the release of immense creative energy. People are painting, making, baking, and writing – publishers have been flooded with manuscripts during the ‘lockdown’ period’s aftermath. So, tap into your own creative forces, work with them, and express them through your endeavours – pick up those paintbrushes, get typing or making. Not only is such creative activity very liberating and healing, but it may also surprise you when you see the fruits of your labours. The true inner world is at last getting its chance to shine.
And of course, let go of the fear being hammered into us all by people who, in my view, either don’t know what they are doing or they are under the hypnotic influence of the malevolence present in the planetary grid of fear, or perhaps both. It really is a time of self-fulfilling prophesy. Predict doom and gloom and you will most likely experience that.
Don’t be one of them. Meditate, dwell in your heart, open up your inner channels and use your amazing imagination to give birth to a better, healthier, happier world. It has never been more possible to do that despite outer appearances. I see it daily in people’s auras.
With love