August 2022

Meditation is the Key

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying this hot summer or a pleasant winter, despite the many issues and challenges that seem to dominate the diet of information served up by both mainstream and alternative media.
I am always primarily concerned with what I can share to help people become more aware, more conscious and consequently more powerful, creative and peaceful. That is always the motivation that drives my work.
In the 1970’s I began to explore different meditation processes. I didn’t really know what meditation was and little did I realise at the time that learning the art of the meditative way is the absolute holy grail of human possibility. I had always been used to the idea of prayer, but I grew to realise I didn’t really understand that practice either. In time it became obvious to me that if we were all to learn and practice simple forms of meditation regularly we would not only transform ourselves but also our world and our experience of life here on the planet.
The main difficulty a seeker encounters is that, despite the current popularity of meditation, very few people seem to understand the dynamics of this process of surrendering to our deeper and higher selves, enabling us to lead inner-directed lives. It has undergone many re-brandings. It was transcendental in the 60’s, when in fact all meditation will have a transcendental effect. Today it is now mindful. Again all meditation will increase one’s mindful or aware state.
I have studied and taught meditation now for decades. I have taught regularly in schools, to business groups, firemen, doctors, teachers, the Samaritans and all sorts. And as I continue to teach, I still learn about this wonderful art of meditation and contemplation.
When we experienced recent “lock downs” my first reaction was to offer the free “open to anyone” weekly Meditations at the Kitchen Table, now known as KTMs which still continue, though not weekly as I did during the lockdown periods. I saw it as an opportunity for those willing to take part, to open to new empowering possibilities within themselves, to be free.
Whatever you do or don’t do, embrace this pathway, if not with my ways then with another experienced teacher.
Regular daily practice will awaken and transform you like nothing else can.
Remember you are always “in the moment”, it’s simply a matter of what you do and how you focus whilst there that counts.
Meditate for yourself and you meditate for the world and indeed the cosmos.
With Love