August 2020

“OK! Let’s take it away Joe!”

The band is all set up and ready to play… well nearly. Pianist Joe furtively disposes of his illegal cigarette. On drums, Tom lightly taps his large cymbal to ensure it is screwed on properly. Bandleader Harry, saxophone dangling round his neck, and fingers waving in the air, utters his cry for the jazz to commence.
A nod to the piano and, “OK! Let’s take it away Joe!”
Bass player Bert arrives as the intro is underway, having been delayed in a bar somewhere. Picking up his bass he seamlessly slides into the rhythm.
And so the music begins as the band swings along, feet tapping, playing in their free improvised style. There’s nothing like making it up as you go along. After all, isn’t that what jazz musicians do?
Well it feels like we are all in a jazz band at the moment. Improvisation is the name of the game. Be flexible, adaptable and sort of make it up as you go along. As long as we are all still standing when it’s all over (or at least lying comfortably somewhere, intoxicated by an information and data overload) it doesn’t matter if the melody seems to disappear into a cacophony of sound and noise. As long as we all finish together, it will be fine.
Quoting an old song, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”
Maybe we are near the finishing line of this pandemic, maybe not, but being a clairvoyant in such times is hardly an advantage when it comes to predictions. I do know we will all still be standing, somewhere, somehow, whether in our current physical body or in a new, more etheric model having been liberated from the world of mortgages, climate change and politicians pretending they know what they are doing when they haven’t got a clue. But survive it we will, the vast majority of us still living in the old one (body that is).
To get a bit esoteric, the world badly needed change. Despite the pain and difficulty so many have endured and still do experience during this period, the human soul and spirit is quite remarkable and unlike some metaphysical commentators, I am certain this episode will lead to a time that is much more golden and beautiful than before. My guess is that it may even be less than a decade before we see a true new age emerging, based upon loving understanding and harmony. That it is on its way I have no doubt. I have seen glimpses of it. Others may try to hang on to the old fear-driven ways but they will fail.
So, join the band. Improvise, adapt, love playing, and be aware, especially of the other members in the group. But most of all, follow the music of your heart and make up your own melody.
You can do it.
Are you ready?
“OK! Let’s take it away Joe (or Mary, Hans or whatever you prefer)!”

Energy Shifts and Changes

There are many powerful energy shifts taking place in our world and, primarily, in each of us. To benefit from them we have to unfold a clear and open space in our minds, and embrace a willingness to accept changes which we may not understand at first but are for the common good. While sometimes appearing to stimulate the opposite, at least in the beginning, ultimately they will enable more freedom from external manipulation and control, an expanding higher awareness and harmonious inner-directed living.
These may be difficult, even painful challenges for some, especially those experiencing what Gurdjieff referred to as “soul sleep”, not aware of their true spiritual nature. But for those who seek greater knowledge and wisdom, with a steady loving Heart it will become easier.

What can I do?

Keep meditating.
Always remember, your inner world is the real, causative world. These changes are occurring in you.
The last major energy change began emerging in early August 2020 and the next from around 16th/17th October 2020, the date of our next Kitchen Table Meditation, when I will do a clearing exercise before the meditation session.
You can help this process now by offering yourself in service for the highest common good, and to be open to the changes to come which support that unfoldment.
Reflecting upon “The Highest Good” for you and everyone will be beneficial, along with regular letting go of any negative destructive ideas and memories as often as you are able to do so.
Give thanks often for the blessings in your life.
And be true to all that is good and inspires you.
Lots of love