September 2019

In Tune?

It’s the time of year for me to publish my calendar of teaching and visits for the next year. There is no need here for me to repeat what is really obvious, that these are times of great and increasing change. Many I meet find themselves perplexed, even threatened by the unpredictability of it all. Whilst we can be sure, as has always been the case, that nothing stays the same, what is happening around us now appears to be more profound, more rapid than ever before, dragging along with it an often aggressive intolerance.
Both locally and globally there are the unmistakable signs of increasing polarity in human thinking, the rising of extremes in thought and behaviour. “You are either for me or against me” seems to be the catchphrase of so many. Particularly saddening is the diminishing space allowed in social media driven society for open, reflective, calm discussion and reasoned debate on any issue. This is completely at odds with what is needed to nurture the creative minds essential for a free innovative world. More and more we appear to be told what to think and what not to think and we disagree with the “thought mob” at our peril. Many are encountering a damaging wave of intolerant self-righteousness which will brook no opposition, no divergent opinion, masquerading as a neo-liberalism, when it is nothing of the kind.
It is actually the opposite. It is controlling and divisive, polarising us when we should be seeking harmony and accepting of divergence and variety, allowing others their view.
If we wish to live in a truly harmonious and inspiring world we have to allow others to respectfully disagree with us, to have a sometimes radically different view to our own. We may agree to differ where necessary while avoiding the forbidding of any idea we may take exception to. Just because others disagree, having a different standpoint, it doesn’t mean they hate us or fear us. How often is the suffix “phobia” attached to any issue as a means of stifling debate? After all we are all like the blind men, touching and describing different parts of the same elephant, just experiencing different perspectives. “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” (Marcus Aurelius)
Over the many years of my work in which I have sought to guide and heal where I can, I have championed many causes, supported many individuals who have had their views unfairly suppressed and ridiculed: souls who have been threatened by various “establishment” figures or bodies: who have been shouted down without fair debate or discussion. Some have even been imprisoned unfairly (in one case outrageously imprisoned in the supposedly largest democracy in the world). They have met this polarisation head-on.
What can we do? Must we always be wary of thinking divergently, of daring to express our views and ideas constructively? Should we be afraid to listen and discuss freely?
In recent years I have increasingly shifted the emphasis of my teaching towards the awareness necessary for self-mastery. The intention is not to make us all more over-assertive, even aggressive so that we get caught up in the game of thinking that we are right. But rather to truly empower, encouraging the emergence of gentle confidence in ourselves and an understanding of our true natures: allowing us to be more in tune with our inner splendour, a splendour which can sometimes be glimpsed in our wonderful fields of auric light. For that is the light of our spirit and our soul seeking to radiate into the world through our minds and our physical presence.
When we open our hearts and minds to that great light, we may unfold the hidden magnificence of our own being. We shine (we really do), reminding others they can shine too. Attempts to control or restrict thinking, creativity and awareness, whatever their source, crumble away into the powerlessness from which they came. We become more secure, more at ease with ourselves and others. We may live our lives treading a pathway through realms of higher and more wonderful experience. We are free. We are free to explore, discover, reflect, contemplate, and share, gaining greater understanding and growing deeper into our wisdom.
There are really no limits to you and me. As we become more in tune we realise ourselves to be more “we”, no fights, no seeking to control or manipulate, no polarisation. Just “we”, thinking and being together on as elevated a level as we may, at the same time celebrating our creative unique selves.
To accomplish this, simply seek to be “In Tune with the Infinite” as Ralph Waldo Trine wrote all those years ago, the infinite which resides in you.
If you seek it you will surely find it.


A good way to help yourself to be more In Tune with your true self and with life is the Art of Blessing. When we bless we recognise the value of that which we bless. We recognise the gift it brings to us. We also acknowledge the divine and make the object of our thoughts and words more real, more beautiful. It is the revealing of holiness in that which we bless.
When we bless, we are blessed for the divine light in us is more awakened.
So, from time to time, in your mind think “blessing” or “I bless you” when you are with your families, friends, colleagues and especially your more challenging acquaintances, and even to your problems. It will change your relationship with everything and everyone and reveal the hidden light more and more.
Why not try it?


There are other changes in planning, including new recordings. The existing CDs will be gradually phased out but I will update on this in more detail in a month or so.
I look forward to meeting my friends, students and clients, old and new, in the coming months of 2019 and throughout 2020.
You are all truly a great blessing to me.