September 2016

Angels Looking Through

Whether we realise it or not we are all surrounded by invisible beings of many kinds. They are all truly messengers, bringing to us in one way or another, reminders that beyond this physical life there are many realms of existence, many dimensions or realities, indeed many universes.
It is from these realms that the human family emerges into the physical world at birth and to which we all return at the death of the material body.
My latest book, “Angels Looking Through” is a collection of stories illustrating some of the different ways in which these messengers make contact with us and how they seek to prove to us their identity, bringing their love support and guidance for those willing to listen. There are messages from those who, at the time of their death, were children or adults, parents or grandparents; those who were famous and those not so renowned; from suicides and murder victims, medieval monks and the traditional angels. I also explore the nature of some hauntings and unusual psychic phenomena I have been called to investigate, and also reveal how we are helped at times of great crisis.
These communications often bring healing to the recipients and offer hope in times of difficulty and even despair. As some will know, the death of a young child can be extremely painful for those left behind, seeming to be an unjust waste of a life, a life brimming with dreams and potential. When a beloved parent or grandmother departs this world a deep hole appears in our lives, never again to be filled. Those who have passed through realise this and do what they can to assure us that all is well and the love we shared with them hasn’t died nor will it ever do so. These real angels bring us their light and their inspiring messages as is the role of all angels. They have heart and soul just as we do.
Sometimes they come encouraging us to continue fighting an injustice of some kind, or informing us that there is no judgement day awaiting us but simply an awakening and an understanding of who and what we truly are. A greater perspective of meaning and purpose unfolds in them as they face fresh tasks in a new life.
When I commenced my work in healing and spiritual guidance in the early 1980’s I must admit that this aspect, communicating with angels and “unseen” beings, was not something I sought to do although I had observed them from my earliest memories. But I grew to realise that in some circumstances, such contact had a significant value and indeed contributed greatly to my own spiritual education. After all, all our fears dovetail back into one fear, that being our fear of death and the sense of nothingness and oblivion which may follow, not to say the pain of the process of dying itself. We all fear our death whatever we may say or think. It is our final act of letting go. And so this little book, with its stories and explanations selected from experiences I have had with clients over the years, I hope it will interest and inspire you.

“Angels Looking Through”

Published by Top Reads publishing, California USA.
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A Clear Heart

As I mention frequently, the central force in us is that of Love and it emanates from our Spiritual Heart.
We all face a continuous challenge in clearing our hearts so we can grow more and more into heart-centred living. Many say to me “I always work from my heart” or “I am always in my heart”. I know from experience and psychic observation that, sadly, this is not true. Any thoughts and feelings we entertain of limitation, apathy, greed, anger, despair, hate, jealousy, selfishness, and fear and so on, however fleeting, cloud our hearts and severely limit how much heart and love we can express in any given moment.
I have had to work on clearing my heart and still need to in the quest to set it free so I might become a more and more loving individual. I have a lot of work to do!
Mastery of ourselves depends upon the success of that process and how we work away at cleaning and clearing of the old negative thoughts and memories accumulated over many lifetimes which hang like a fog over our hearts.
It is our subconscious mind or inner child who suffers in this process, as it holds close to our souls and in our hearts the unloving memories and thoughts we insist on energising and entertaining in our conscious thought activity. It sees them as instructions and feeds them back to us: old programmes that play on relentlessly bringing more and more problems of a similar resonance or frequency.


Take time each day to talk to your inner child/subconscious mind. Think of it as a child who holds on to the all the thoughts and behaviour you have shown it and continue to show it.
Tell it you are sorry for all the negative painful thoughts you have given to it to store up and reproduce, over eons of time.
Also bless your inner child and thank it for helping you to let go of these old programmes when you ask it to do so.
Tell it you love it. Often, just as you would anyone you love.
This is the basis of the Kahuna method of release and clearing which will gradually help you to remove the cloud from the heart. I do this as a written exercise each morning and suggest you do the same in your journal. This is particularly important in these times of such enormous and unprecedented change in human beings and human evolution.

Feed Back

Those of you working with these exercises, whether purely on line and/or as a result of attending my courses, remember to give thanks for any breakthroughs, improvements, or changes you experience. Should you wish to share them with me then please do so with a short email, I will respond as soon as I can, depending on my schedule.
Lots of love and blessings to you.