November 2022

Are You Powerful?

As I prepare for the next period of work, I was reflecting for a few moments, sipping on my daily glass of organic beetroot juice, on the political games going on in the UK just now: the use of the word “power” and the desperate attempts by politicians to both gain and hold on to “power”. (If you live outside the UK you may well raise an eyebrow at Britain’s current political eccentricity).
Of course the word “power” has many nuances of meaning but a dictionary definition is interesting:
“The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.
The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.”
I find the second definition especially fascinating.
Over the last 40 years, my work has been largely focussed upon awakening people to the greater, higher realms of life and being, and how much more powerful we all are when we grow to recognise and understand them.
As with all things, power is an inside job. It is not some external commodity to be dished out on a whim. It is a state of consciousness. I am grateful to my years of martial arts training for enhancing my appreciation of that fact.
Being powerful is never about the acquisition of bulging muscles, crushing all before you as you go. Nor is it the psychological manipulation of others, for that is a sign of weakness in the perpetrator. It is the realisation and manifestation of the Power of the Universe as it courses through you, and the letting go of the mental obstacles, the hates, doubts and fears that hinder it. Then any outer turmoil will not deter or control you. It will dissolve around you as you remain strong yet calm in your powerful flow. The only behaviour you need to direct is that of your own mind - “…mastering yourself is true power” (Lao Tzu).
And besides, it is ultimately futile to attempt to externalise power by trying to control others and circumstances simply for selfish benefit. It always makes things worse. Rather become more conscious of just how powerful you already are, on the inside, and how generous and kind you can be to others. That will then be reflected in your outer experience.
True power can only be managed and expressed wisely, with compassion, through the Heart for the good of all. It should radiate from you, like a blossoming fragrant flowering of unfaltering goodness. We could do with some of that in the political arena right now.
Are you truly powerful? Do you seek to express your power lovingly? I am certain nothing or no-one outside you can be more powerful, wise and loving than you are.
With love and many blessings to you my wonderful, good-hearted, powerful friends,


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Thank you to all those who help me and support my work. I am so very grateful to you all.
The times are changing rapidly as we move forward together, and sometimes things seem difficult, even very difficult. I will always seek to offer the teaching and support that seems most appropriate and so some course titles may change and other morning or evening sessions may be announced.
And remember how powerful you really are and the great wonderful forces within you.
Be true to yourself.