November 2018

Being True, Being You

It is now just over a month before the Winter Solstice and the celebration of Christmas and the awakening of the Christ and Love and Wisdom upon the earth.
As change accelerates in us and much confusion abounds it is not the easiest time to be a member of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens family upon the planet. To be truly “in” ourselves and to avoid fragmentation and a sense of powerlessness we require a steady mental focus and a calmness of being which will enable us to adapt comfortably to the often turbulent forces around us: then we can continue on our paths in harmony and with a sure will and purpose. Otherwise we may be knocked and pulled out from our centre too easily.
Currently we are bombarded with fake news and questionable information, making it difficult to know what to believe and who to trust as so many appear to push their own agendas.
In esoteric terms it is the time of The Bewilderment, a period of shifting sands beneath us. The sometimes chaotic nature of this experience is indeed puzzling, but on a deeper higher level it is necessary. It is time for clearing and dismantling the once useful but now redundant so something more wonderful can grow in its place.
The Solstice connects us with this perfectly. At our darkest moments, while nature sleeps, we know that a greater light is on its way to us and we anticipate its coming with hope and gratitude. The celebration of the Christ emerging, born again in us, is the opening of our hearts so we may rise above the dross and the shallowness and embrace our lives here once more with love and understanding, joy and peace, thanksgiving and a real sense of renewal.
Above all it’s time to be true, to be authentic, allowing our uniqueness and specialness to radiate lovingly wherever we may find ourselves, whatever we may be doing.
To achieve this you have perfect points of reference to relate to and connect with in your aura and marvellous energy system.
From the space at centre of your chest radiates your magnificent Heart centre processing in you the forces of Love and Understanding. This is the core of your nature as you are essentially a creature designed to express such wonderful qualities. Love is the fuel that powers a well centred human being, helping you to be true to the central tasks of your life. Whatever situation or circumstance you encounter, focus through your heart, soak yourself in Love’s warm knowing and embrace your mission here.
Moving your attention upwards to the space just above your Heart you initiate contact with your Meta Heart centre. This is your point of truth where the forces reside that know your real story, the story to be written by you in your life. With these forces consciously engaged perfect guidance will be yours as you pursue your individual journey. They will help you to be true. They will lead you in the unfolding the glorious you, a unique and indispensable being of light, wisdom and love that the world needs so much at this time. Even if you have forgotten, you know deep inside you why you are here and your Meta Heart holds the keys.
Being true to you, whatever commitments you must fulfil and tasks you wish to discharge and however mundane they might appear, you unlock the wisdom you need so you can think, speak and act from the highest levels of yourself for the good of everyone.
Being true to you, your compassion and caring spreads a unique calm healing amongst those around you. You become a steady reassuring focus for all.
Being true to you, confidence and imagination is yours in abundance enabling you to function creatively and magically, transforming your outer experience and the lives of others.
Being true to you allows you to see the value of things, feeling the glow of thanksgiving for today, for every moment.
Being true to you a wonderful story is written which only you can write where limits can be dissolved and problems overcome without strain, as “it is Heaven’s way to conquer without striving.”
Being true to you, you bring light into the darkness and love finds itself born again though your inimitable heart.
Be True. Be You. And life will be greatly blessed.
I wish you, your family and loved ones joy and happiness as this year draws to its close and you celebrate the festivals ahead.
Take time to listen to your Heart and Meta Heart in the coming days when you can.
Thank you for being you and enriching my life.
With Love


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