May 2022

Love and Attraction

The sun is shining so brightly today. It so lifts the heart, especially when the media is offering an endless stream of “News” still focussed upon disease, impending financial crises, war and conflict, climate disaster, naughty politicians, fuel shortages and on and on.
Looking for respite and some signs of light in this mist, I find it sad when many so-called alternative and “spiritual” commentators are just as busy pushing their own agendas and dubious theories, talking about “the good guys and the bad guys”, and exhorting us to relieve ourselves of material paper notes and coinage currency, replacing it with bars of “precious” metal so we will have at least that when we go shopping. I can’t wait to go and offer the lady (or robot) at the supermarket check-out some scraps of silver in exchange for a jar of pickled onions. I have never heard so much materialistic nonsense flying around as I do now, emerging from sources in all directions. Gold, like diamonds, will always appear to rise in “value” because the supply is carefully controlled and manipulated.
But, as this beautiful sun shines, my mind wrestles free from this silly material game with its pain, illusions and darkness and allows me to rise into a space for some reflection, reminding me of the spiritual laws and higher principles that govern my outer world.
Once again, I am reminded that in me and in us all there is a core vibration of Love. It is the most wonderful gift. It is priceless. It is eternal and infinite.
Love embraces everything. It unlocks the abundant compassion in our hearts, promoting kindness, tolerance and understanding. It saturates our will in its ocean of goodness.
Love gives to us everything we need. In fact it already has. It’s simply that most of us haven’t realised it yet.
The perfect solutions are inside us, always, waiting to emerge and be revealed.
And in truth we don’t have to attract anything. Attraction is an outer myth and a much misunderstood term, often used to manipulate the outer world with often imperfect consequences.
Attraction is what seems to happen when what we seek in our minds to experience something from the great reservoir of unlimited possibilities that exists in us. We may choose from the infinite selection box in our hearts and souls.
What seems to us like attraction is really the Law of Love in action, revealing to us whatever we have already programmed into our minds by our thoughts and actions, fuelled by our feelings and desires. What our minds dwell upon we become and experience. Love will eventually provide us with anything and everything. We don’t attract, we choose.
If we wish to experience wonderful things, then we need to let go of the unlovely, and allow the wonderful in ourselves to emerge and manifest.
“Whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report or admirable...think on these things.”
If we wish to experience peace and harmony, we must first find the peace and harmony in ourselves. And love will lead us there if we allow it to.
We have to do so little. Just continue daily to free our minds from the destructive, judgemental and limiting ideas and beliefs that we have accumulated over eons of time and many “life times”, clearing our hearts so the love may flow. Dwell upon the beautiful, the wonderful, the kind and loving.
They will then emerge in your experiences, and the sun will surely shine.
With love
You can access a recent live meditation and discussion on the “Infinite Self” on Paul’s YouTube channel via our Videos page.
There is nothing as precious as you. There is nothing as radiant as you. There is nothing as remarkable as you.
Value who you are and in every moment value the love you are and can share with others.