May 2020

Well Here We Are

It is the last few days of April as I sit at the kitchen table and write these notes.
I realise that during this period most if not all of you are having a challenging time. It is contrary to the natural wiring of the human being to isolate away from others. Of course some alone time is useful, even essential for our inner growth and creativity, but the dynamic essence of our unfoldment is a group activity requiring intimacy, and anything that inhibits that may prove difficult for us.
What we do have, however, is an opportunity for us to re-focus, a time to clear away the fog of excessive materialism and “having” while attending more to “being”, recognising what is truly important for us, what really matters. Those relaxed conversations with friends, hugging loved ones, spontaneous trips to the theatre or cinema, not to forget water cooler chats with colleagues; and being creative, trying new things or resurrecting the long neglected “I will take that up again” ones. My paint brushes were quite astonished when they saw me erecting my easel over Easter. I could almost hear their comments as I lifted my paint tubes from their case, “Well, well here we are… England’s answer to Picasso is finally at it again!”

But what is going on?

This question is often posed to me, especially now. After all did I not predict a scenario such as this occurring as long ago as the 1980s and more recently in 2011? Along with my guidance I also bore the news of new waves of energy and light seeking to work through us in the autumn 2019, November and December and then most significantly from mid-February. And as the light pushes for higher things in us and our world, gradually raising our consciousness, the dark also seems to become more intense, appearing to bring to us the opposite. That is inevitable because of our polarised experience here but the light will prevail.
I will simply say for the moment that nothing on the outside is what it seems to be. Whilst I applaud those (including some of you reading this) who are working in professional caring roles at this time of great challenge, there are simple solutions already available. I understand what some of them are and I will share these ideas as I can and it feels appropriate to do so. Suffice to say there is a lot of nonsense out there on all sides. The authorities clearly don’t understand the bigger picture or the real nature of the human being and have no idea how to deal with the current crisis other than to resort to questionable out-dated methods of “containing” it all. The idea of a “new normal” with restricted freedom is absurd and unworkable in the long term so be aware when officials use the vocabulary of warfare and repetitive mantra technique to persuade, often laced with grave emotion and using the rhythm of three. Just watch for it while remaining healthily detached as you sustain your heart-based clarity.

What can you and I do?

We can do lots!
Meditate, meditate, meditate (notice the rhythm of three!!) It is a vital way to raise your frequencies and co-operate with higher and higher consciousness, developing “immunity” at all levels of yourself.
Explore any ideas and theories you wish to but ensure you trust the feelings in your heart as to what you endorse and what you discard.
Calmly ask questions about what you hear and see. Neither fight things nor accept them but stay true to yourself, in your centre and to what your heart helps you to understand. Your human heart is a powerful, divine instrument and it will guide you through any situation perfectly.
Stay in touch with others where you can, make those brief calls just to say hello and be thankful for what you DO have.
Avoid too much “news watching” in the popular and official media.
Cultivate your humour – think of my bad jokes if you’re desperate!
Do respect the space of others who, maybe in their fear, need to observe fiercely even what may appear to you to be unworkable or difficult temporary rules and laws.
Remember Love is the antidote to Fear. Let go of fear feelings.
Be the change you wish to see, imagine the world as you wish it to be.
And perhaps work out how you will practice social distancing within the usual dimensions of a restaurant or pub toilet!

Meditation at the kitchen table

The “open to all” sessions of “Meditations at the kitchen table” at 9.00 a.m. UK time on Friday mornings will continue as we go along for the time being. There is no charge for these sessions and remember my free Healing Meditation is on my website for you to download and share as you wish to.

Appointments and private sessions

I continue to give private sessions via phone, Skype and Zoom. If you would like to book one do so as usual by phone or email. It may be possible to arrange some with translation if needed. We are looking at that currently. It’s a bit of an experiment for all of us but I am amazed at how well things have worked thus far!
I look forward to as many of you joining me as possible. You will be very welcome and may even meet some new fellow travellers. Our recent meditations and workshops have been quite international!
Thank you for being there.
With much love