May 2016

Love Is…?

Some thirty or more years ago I wrote my first book. It was emphasising the magic of the love in us and how we should both recognise it and foster its presence in our lives.
If I wrote it now, I would change it somewhat. Not because any of what it says is no longer valid, but I have grown and unfolded in that time and whilst the core ideas on its pages still hold true today, there are many things I would add and others ideas I would develop further.
This is the way of teaching. Teachers are simply students, sharing with others what they have discovered on their journeys so far. Jerry Jampolsky once wrote that we tend to teach what we need to learn. I agree totally.
These days in my current writing and teaching I am emphasising the theme of Love once more. Looks like I need to learn more about it. Love is rather like electricity. We don’t really know what it is but we do know its effects, its power, and its capacity to change us radically into amazing wonderful human beings. It stirs in us a sense of joy, even bliss, as it pours from deep inside embracing all the fibres of our being, before radiating into the space around us.
Love is the key force within us. Frequently obscured by fear, it is the central power in mankind, emanating as it does from the human heart.
In its spiritual evolution, the human family is just leaving one age or epoch behind as another emerges. It is not an easy process as many seek to hold on to the old ways they know. This departing age was a time of cleavage, separation, and excessive individuality where we seemed able to attain peace and harmony only after a period conflict, often severe and painful. It is a slow way to learn and grow and whilst pain certainly teaches us it is not the way for the age we now enter.
This is an age of love, a time for understanding and realising how we are all connected, how we all need each other. The law of attraction, which has been the subject of many books in recent times, is really a quality or aspect of the law of love. Our attractiveness is proportionate to how much love we express. When we love we experience true freedom and draw to ourselves more and more of that which blesses and enriches us.
With this in mind I have selected below some words concerning love which you may wish to reflect upon. You may recognise some of them, and will no doubt call to mind expressions of your own. I have simplified language slightly rather than quote exactly in one or two places. See what resonates especially with you. I know I still have much to learn about love.
Thank you all for being there.

Love Is……

Love is oneness.
Love does not discriminate. It’s impossible to truly love one and hate another.
We should seek to love, not to be loved.
Love is gentle and kind.
Loving our enemies, our difficulties and problems is transformative and healing. It is the height of love.
When we truly love, we are harmless, selfless and giving. Love will never harm anyone. If it does it is not love as love is inclusive knowing that in harming another it harms only itself.
Love and egoism are opposites.
He who loves is free from fear.
There is no such thing as tough or conditional love. Love has no price tag.
Love attracts love. We cannot describe love, we can only experience it.
Love is something that if you give it away, you end up having more.
Love is patient and kind. Love is not arrogant or resentful. Love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love is God smiling in your heart.
To love one another is our highest purpose. Love has no limits or boundaries.
When we give, neither expecting nor wanting anything in return, then we express the power of love and its purity.
Thanksgiving and forgiveness are love in action.
When I have love I know I have everything.
Wisdom is knowing I am nothing (no thing). Love is knowing I am everything. And in between the two my life moves.
Greater love has no man than lay down his life for his friend.


For those who are working with the ideas and exercises on this programme, I suggest you add the following:
Each day look for opportunities where you can spontaneously express love. It does not necessarily have to be through grand gestures but in simple, kind and generous ways. This practice when persisted with will change your energy field and aura, expanding it and making it more magnetic to similar frequencies of loving kindness and blessing.
Also, in your journal, note down any loving kindnesses that come your way. Even on what may seem a difficult day you will still find things if you look for them.