March 2019

Spring Cleaning

Well, the sun is out and despite a strong chill wind here in UK as I write, there is a sniff of spring in the air. Albeit a bit early, the first tree blossoms have emerged and I can do early morning paperwork and writing without the need to put the lights on. Bliss!
The feeling of renewal and fresh beginnings this time of year offers is heart-warming indeed and certainly begins to blow away the cobwebs.
I remember as a boy how my dear old mum would go into hyper-drive in March, cleaning out cupboards and all the nooks and crannies, and every curtain taken down and washed (we weren't posh enough to have them dry-cleaned). Every bare window was flung open as a force ten gale swept through the house while the poor dog suffered the canine equivalent of a nervous breakdown. "Oh for a clear out Paul" I hear my garage pleading vainly! Well, I will get round to it. Maybe when the temperatures have risen just a bit more. Anyway, don't cobwebs have an insulating effect and I certainly don't want to usher the spiders outside until it's a bit warmer?
Spring is also a good time to contemplate other levels of renewal too. It provides us with a great opportunity to reflect on matters of an inner nature, awakenings from deep inside ourselves where our real growth is be experienced. Remember that what we change, nurture and initiate on the deeper planes of ourselves is a prelude to such fresh experiences and opportunities appearing on the outside.
Whilst continuing with our usual regular disciplines, meditations, and other inner work that we may do all the year round, there is a perhaps a chance to ride on these forces of growth and re-birth by adopting a greater resolve to clean out the cupboards in our minds. No need to create a force ten wind but by clearing and letting go of all the mental and emotional junk we have accumulated that simply holds us back, we can be more free, more creative and inspired.
Have a look and see what issues, nagging problems, irritations, frustrations and limiting ideas have quietly accompanied you through the winter months and are still around, surfacing from time to time. We tend to deal with many of the acute problems and mind stuff that flares up from time to time. It's when they become lodged in our psyche, in our aura and energy system and go deeper becoming chronic that they require more attention and persistence.
Why not utilise the early spring energies to clean them out, to be rid of them and see the wonderful impact such effort will have? Trees and flowers emerging after the cold darkness is to me a miracle in itself. Maybe you can allow a few miracles to emerge through you this spring and summer?

A Change A Day

Many simple and very effective processes for clearing have been included in earlier newsletters which can be accessed on my web page. However one good and very simple practice for renewal is to do something different every day. They can be small things, like changing what topping you have on your pizza, walking to the shops by a different route or changing the order or way in which you normally do things. However small or insignificant the "new" ways may seem, they gradually encourage welcome changes to your thinking and consequently to your behaviour and experience. It will help you to become "unstuck", more adaptable and less habitual, encouraging a fresh relationship with yourself and your world.
I never teach or suggest what I don't do myself, and it's amazing what having marmite yoghurt can do to give you a new relationship with breakfast!


The wonderful KIKI DEE and CARMELO LUGGERI will be giving a concert of their singing and music in my home town of Bury St Edmunds at the new Apex venue at 7.30 p.m. on Saturday 28th September. As a fan I shall be booking tickets shortly and thought it may appeal to some of you, especially those living more locally.
They are really brilliant, and it will be a great night as they perform both earlier Kiki songs along with some of the inspiring new material they have produced in more recent times.
The tickets are only £21 so if you'd like to accompany me you'd be very welcome so please let me know as soon as possible if you want to come so I can organise tickets in the next week or so. Find them on