Summer Article

July 2023

“Let The Great Big World Keep Turning”

The words of the old love song my Mum used to sing and play, written in 1917, have a powerful resonance for me in these times, though maybe not just as intended by the composer. It goes:
Let the great big world keep turning,
Never mind if I’ve got you,
For I only know
That I love you so
And there’s no-one else will do…
Whilst obviously written to be sung to one’s loved one or sweetheart in the Music Halls and front parlours of the time, it carries another message. It is a song you can sing to yourself, offered to your own soul and spirit.
As the great big world turns and life goes on, bewildering as it may seem, of course we should value those in this physical world that we love and make sure that they know we do.
But we should also be aware of those elements of our greater selves that we neglect at times. Ensure, whatever may be happening around you day by day, that you make space to ponder the source of your being, manifesting through your Higher Spiritual self, and your Inner Child and Soul nature. They seek to give you so much. In fact they seek to give you everything you need just as those around you in the material world who love you also do.
You are very loved.
Without doubt, you and I should attend to matters in this troubled world as and where we may, bringing our love, kindness, understanding and courage to bear in good measure. But as this great big world keeps turning, don’t forget how much you are loved by the Infinite Source, and its Spirit and Soul that manifests in you.
I invite you to pause and reflect on those you love for just a few moments. As you think of each one of them simply say “I love you”.
Then do the same for anyone you may have a problem with however difficult it seems, for they are spirit and soul too.
And finally, find a photograph of yourself as a child or youngster, that Divine Spirit and Soul ever seeking to burst forth into life through you, come what may. Look at the photo and tell the “you” you were then “I love you, thank you”. Remember that whatever challenges you have faced in life since that photograph was taken, and any that you may yet encounter in this cycle of change and transformation, you are still a magnificent being of many layers and powers, of many “you’s”. Whatever happens both to and around you, ultimately you will triumph.
In moments of concern or worry when this great big world seems to keep turning and life goes on around you however you may be feeling, perhaps even wishing it would stop for a while, look into the mirror, think of all the wonderful you’s that You really are and say “never mind, if I’ve got you”… all of you.
Thank you for being here and for being you.

A few reminders…

I reached the grand total of 78 years in June. I thought I’d be retired by now, sitting on a quiet beach somewhere supping a cool beer, counting an amassed fortune, but that is not to be and really isn’t me so I happily continue on, receiving enormous help and support from so many individuals to whom I am eternally grateful.
All my courses, recordings, books and private sessions are fundamentally intended to assist individuals in the great awakening taking place here on the planet, to share what insights and understanding I have and give a little guidance and healing where I can. There is some good stuff out there being shared and some not so good, so I hope my teaching will help you to detach, to observe, and discriminate (remember Nose, Meta Heart and Heart chakras).
During this summer I shall be planning for 2024 but here are a few reminders for the next few months.
August 26th and 27th
More Mind, More Power, The Higher Laws, Higher Perception and Clairvoyance
Do join us if you can, particularly exploring the higher laws which govern our outer experience. Also some appointments available. Booking and details please contact Tammy on
On ZOOM via SWITZERLAND with German Translation
We shall be studying “Siriun Magic and Healing Light Levels 12” on 16th and 17th September via Switzerland
Booking and details please contact Katja Strasser on
On ZOOM via UK “Higher Guides and Higher Guidance” Saturday 7th October
Please contact for booking your place (details are on our website).
I look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it to these and other sessions. Details of all courses up to and including December, all KTMs and Heartstar channelings, can be found under Courses.
Some Kitchen Table Meditations and a few informal conversations are available on my YouTube channel (via Videos page). Please press the like and subscribe buttons if you visit. There is no fee.
Love, blessings and all healing thoughts to you.
Bury St Edmunds UK
July 2023