July 2018

Once a Healer always a Healer - with drops of Loving Kindness

In this beautiful summer sunshine we are enjoying in UK and in many other places too, I was reflecting on various things over a cup of tea as I often do. Among the many thoughts floating through my head, I was struck by all the loving kindness I had experienced in my life; from my family, my friends, students, colleagues, the occasional stranger and many, many others. The warm sensation that arose in my heart was quite beautiful. Such moments are precious, so healing, and affirming of something wonderful deep inside us: the joy of being kind, loving and helpful to others. It is the ultimate perfume in the garden of the soul.
I realise it was this desire firing away in me as a child that would later in life be the motivation for me to explore my healing potentials, to prompt me to find ways I might serve and express loving kindness more. I wanted to help people, to make them better, happier. Idealistic I know but unwavering nonetheless. I know that this is at the core of the prompting in many as they to go on to become healers, carers, therapists, counsellors and health professionals.
Of course as with all things there has to be balance and crusading “healers” that want to save the world and smother everyone with kindness can be a little overwhelming when encountered. There is a humble gentleness in what I felt in those moments. However, on the other hand, any healer or therapist that thinks that this loving kindness stops in the therapy room with paying clients is in the wrong role I suggest! Once a healer always a healer and full life will give you many opportunities to follow that urge if you are sincere and open hearted. The world needs generous loving kindness now more than ever.
Certainly, we have to change emphasis perhaps a little at times deliberately nurturing ourselves and allowing time to sample the width and breadth of our possible experiences here. But as I often say to aspiring healers, we take our healing sanctuary with us wherever we go. We are centres for loving kindness wherever we may be and there is nothing more nurturing than that for both the giver and the receiver.
Today I nipped to the supermarket briefly to pick up a few bits of shopping. Whilst waiting in a small queue at the check-out, a lady next to me was complaining of not feeling well. She was apparently waiting for the results from some hospital tests to explain the episodes of weakness and nerve tingling in her arms that would affect her suddenly. She was near to collapse and panicking a little. My heart opened and I lightly placed my hand over her solar plexus, quietly encouraging her to breathe slowly towards my hand. She then placed her hand over mine, breathing slowly and gradually she felt better. She smiled as I waved her and then another disabled lady also in the queue behind to go in front of me so they could pay and leave more quickly. Having paid for her shopping and now seeming so much more invigorated the lady came back towards me from the check-out, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said. “That was so very kind and so helpful.”
There was nothing dramatic or ostentatious in what I did. It was simply an opportunity for me to share some quiet loving kindness in a casual meeting with a stranger when it was needed and for which I am very grateful.
It can appear to be a difficult world at times, anything but kind, seeming even to be hostile. But we can all make such a difference by being open to how we may express loving kindness, quietly and gently in any passing moment. It may not be an anxious lady in a supermarket, but the moments will come to you to be a “healer”, to care and be kind. Often it will be silently, a loving kind thought being all that is asked of you. Sometimes it may require a small physical act of support or a few kind praising words. Best of all it may be anonymous, as in a secret gift made to someone in need. Miss no opportunity, just be aware and sensitive – it is the true mindfulness and is the greatest investment in life you will ever make.

Loving Kindness

Why not embark on a Loving Kindness summer? If you do this it will roll on into the future way beyond the summer months.
Look for as many simple ways as you can find to express kindness in your dealings with those around you.
Avoid the grand ostentatious gestures, but look for the kind words you can say or the kind acts you can perform, the time you can share to make life just a wee bit lighter for another.
Make sure those you love know it.
Be spontaneous and gentle in such moments of loving kindness.
Be thankful for being able to express loving kindness, and for all such kind blessing that comes to you too!
And think through your Heart so you will always think and act for the highest good – and your aura will really glow!
Enjoy a wonderful summer.
With love from your friend

Angels Looking Through

And if you haven’t yet had a copy of my last book “Angels Looking Through” it is available on Amazon and other websites and bookshops. Do enjoy it!
I look forward to welcoming and meeting old friends and new ones this autumn.
Paul Lambillion