July 2016

The Law of Attraction

The spiritual Law of Attraction is big business these days, with some teachers of metaphysics training people in the workings of this principle so they can in turn coach others, and new videos, books and recordings on the subject appear by the day.
I thought therefore it useful to explain my own observations and ideas which relate to this concept and what it is and how my clairvoyant vision reveals it working.
In fact, there really is no Law of Attraction as such. What is described by many as this law or principle is actually something else and requires some basic understanding before it makes any sense.
The Law of Attraction is an aspect of what is best described as the Law or Principle of Love. At the core of the human being, largely concealed and barely functioning in our outer world is Love. When we become love we are (and have) everything. Hidden and suppressed by fears and memories accumulated over many earthly life times, it is the central force of creation whereby all that ever could “be”, actually already “is”. It is already given. As the Christian mystic Neville Goddard stated, “Creation is finished. All that could ever exist already does”. In this infinite creation and cosmos, we have been given everything already and giving is love in action. When we truly give, simply for the joy of giving we begin to become God like in our behaviour. God or the Divine has created everything already and lovingly endowed the human spirit, which is the Divine spirit, with access to it all. It is our God-like lovingness, which, when allowed to express itself, opens the door to all that already is. We don’t have to create it, in fact we can’t. And we certainly don’t have to attract it. It already is. And it exists in us; not outside us, nor around us, but in us. It is the Kingdom of Heaven in us, lovingly given to us.
The Human being, you me and everyone is actually Divine or God-like. There are five stages by which this understanding of our hidden Divinity unfolds in us.
The first one is when we don’t believe in a Divinity at all and view life and consciousness as a chemical accident, maybe invented by the brain somehow. There is just “us” and the outside material world, in which things seem to appear outside us, largely by accident. Having many, many conscious “out of the body” experiences, including when I was struck by lightning, I am certain of the error of this view. The brain is a servant not an initiator.
Stage two is when we acknowledge a Divinity of some kind but rather as a remote distant idea, external to ourselves and maybe not always exactly benign. The “man on a cloud” model springs from this level of awareness, God being some kind of overseeing despot and us, his experiment.
Then we gradually grow to feel the Divine as something close to us, perhaps all around us, maybe in everything but still separate from us in some way. This is the God immanent of pagan tradition and pre-Roman Celtic Christianity. The American Christian writer Eric Butterworth referred to this idea in his theory of Unitivity – God existing in every point in space and time.
This leads us on to stage four where we recognise that God is actually in us, the Divine Spark idea. This is the Father within that Jesus spoke of and insisted is in all of us; it is the Aumakua or High Self of the Hawaiians and many more traditions.
We really arrive spiritually when we wake up to the truth that we are actually God, the Divine, completely; a sort of “God in a Box” waiting to remember what it is. “I and the Father are one.” Many who have tasted the deep indescribable mystical experience of this stage know it to be the ultimate self-realisation. They allude to the blissfulness, the peacefulness and joy of being it arouses in them. Once we realise we are God, we are totally connected to everything and everybody, and more, we realise that there is no “out there” and that everything is really in us already. As Lester Levenson stated, “There is no longer really any me and you there is just we.” We maintain a sense of individuality yet at the same time we are everything else and everything else is us.” This is perhaps the ultimate paradox.
So we attract and create nothing, at least nothing new, for everything already exists within our consciousness. What we do is discover and select by our thinking, our beliefs and attitudes. We select from the vast hologram that we are, ideas that we wish to focus on and experience in a material frequency. Every time we think we select, energise, and ultimately manifest in our outer world. And we think all the time, every fraction of a second, millions and millions of times. Most of this thinking activity is subliminal, directed by the subconscious, the greater part of our minds. The difficulties and pain we experience in our lives are the consequence of the old memories and beliefs stored in the subconscious continually playing like an old record we have never liked on a juke box of the rock’n roll era; playing over and over, automatically selecting and then manifesting, selecting then manifesting. We have likely long forgotten their causes, the reasons in our past why we invited this selection to appear in our world. We just wonder why.
But we attract nothing. We create nothing. With good clairvoyant perception one can observe this process within the aura or field of the individual, as the thought forces projected from the pineal and pituitary glands via the mind or mental body (sometimes called the causal body) reach and sustain such an intense vibration that they gain substance from the particles in our aura. They become established as a desired outcome in the astral or emotional body (4th Dimension). As time passes they in turn manifest in the 3rd dimension as an outer or physical phenomena. The only things that can slow down or completely halt this manifestation process are any countermanding thoughts or contradicting, often limiting beliefs that we project and persist in energising and strengthening. If we wish to change things, they have to be released and eliminated first, or they will manifest. Hence it is no good visualising yourself attracting wealth and prosperity if for most of the rest of the time you are selecting or allowing a memory or belief of poverty.
We don’t attract prosperity or indeed anything else. We select it, like taking a book from our shelf and happily immersing ourselves in it to exclusion of any counter intentions or ideas. Then we become what we discovered inside ourselves and selected.


Those who are following the idea of self-mastery may like to pick up a theme for the summer from my text on the idea of inside and outside. This has its roots in the Hermetic principle echoed by Jesus – as within so without, as without so within.
Some while ago my guides Heartstar did a meditational exercise concerning this apparent paradox.
Simply relax and close your eyes and reflect a few times on the question, “What is inside?” and “What is outside?” Repeat each question over a few times and then ask “Where does inside end and outside start?” a few times before asking “Where does outside end and inside start?” Do each 3 or 4 times. Then ask “What is ‘I’?” and then “What is ‘We’?” again 3 or 4 times.
Over time you may have some interesting insights so note them down in your journal when they come to you. This practice may stimulate your dream process.
Also make a special practice of Thanksgiving in this time of great change, at least once a day giving thanks for all the good things in your life, the blessings great and small, and even the problems you have solved and let go.
In my next blog we will look a little more at the best and most effective processes for release and letting go of issues - how to become free of old repeating patterns.
“ANGELS LOOKING THROUGH” my next book is almost ready and review copies will be circulated in a week or two. It is being published by Top Reads in California, USA. Should you want to pre-order your copy do let us know and keep a watch on this page for further details.
Loads of Blessings to you.
Have a great summer.