July 2014

Are You a Psychic, Mate?

Some years ago I was staying with some good friends for a week, partly working and partly enjoying the wonderful friendship and fun they shared with me and had done over many years.
They were a great blessing to me and loved to entertain others and organise parties and dinners with their friends whilst I was around. There were many humorous moments and much laughter as we all shared a great sense of the ridiculous and found humour in many things.
I often recall a particular dinner we were sharing with a group of their friends. Some who joined us that evening already knew me and my work and were even clients at that stage. However there was one couple sitting next to me that I had not met before and who seemed intrigued as to what I was doing there, and what I was and did to earn my living. They had not been primed by my hosts and in those days I was always a little bashful and unsure when asked by complete strangers, “What is your field?” or “What do you do?” Not ashamed of what I did or do in any sense, I knew none the less that such enquiries, however politely intended, were usually the prelude to one of several reactions and scenarios which I always found awkward or difficult. Also I did at that time, and still do, dislike labelling anyone, especially myself, as it may lead to the stirring of all manner of prejudices within the individual and anyway, people are people who happen to be doctors, teachers, lawyers or bus drivers. The occupation doesn’t define them anymore than does an illness. I am uncomfortable when a client says “I’m bi-polar” or a “cancer patient”, having been labelled by some well-meaning professional in order to fit them into a category. It is bad, bad therapy or medicine in my view. I always tell them that they are a human being having a “bi-polar” experience, whatever that is! Being a “Dyslexic” is another one but I won’t go there now!
The gentleman sitting next to me at the table had no knowledge of what I “was”, and both he and his good lady had been informed simply that I was “a very interesting man” and probably thought I might be an astronaut, a polar explorer, or maybe a professional grape presser in a vineyard in the Loire valley.
“And what do YOU do……Paul isn’t it?” he asked after telling me about his carpet retail business.
I allowed myself another mouthful of salmon to give me time to think and frame my response in such a way as to not cause alarm or terror.
I then embarked on a circuitous and rather laboured explanation of my work in healing and my ability to see and understand the Human Aura. Fortunately he did not recoil in fear as some used to do in those days, backing away from me like I had suddenly been afflicted with some unmentionable and contagious disease. Neither was there any attempt to exorcise me or smother me with garlic. He furled his brow, emitted a brief puzzled “hmmm”, ate another Brussels sprout and said, “Like one of those palm readers, or psychics mate? Sounds…er… interesting.” A brief pause followed before he continued, “D’you like cricket?” I obviously wasn’t that interesting and his response prompted a mixture of relief and disappointment in me. Relief I didn’t have to spend the rest of the evening behaving like a bizarre party entertainer (“can you see anything around me?” “Am I going to win the lottery?”), and yet disappointed they didn’t find me or the work I do as fascinating as carpets or hitting a hard ball with a piece of wood. C’est la vie.
Well the truth is we are all psychic. We all have wonderful, useful, perceptual abilities within us, often hidden, suppressed and even feared as a consequence of distorted and ill-informed cultural and religious prejudices. You have, I have and indeed everyone has a wonderful psychic mechanism, known to the ancient masters, including Jesus, who was always referring to it as our light which is what the aura truly is. I believe, that instead of wallowing in ignorance and the fear it generates, we have a responsibility to engage with, and understand, the hidden aspects of our nature. Such knowledge and abilities, wisely honed and utilised can be wonderfully empowering, healing and enlightening. In fact, many of our problems including all health issues are the consequence of suppressed, or malfunctioning psychic forces in the individual.
This is a time of great change on our planet and therefore in us. Human nature is rapidly unfolding to reveal a more sensitive and psychic individual, able to experience and influence life in new and exciting ways. As I have witnessed in my work over the last 30 or more years, the Age of Intuition is really upon us now. That central art, meditation, once just seen as the province of chanting eastern monks or those who lived entirely on brown beans and lettuce, is now almost a mainstream practice. Holistic medicine is no longer frowned upon, except perhaps by a few diehard materialists, and individuals like me are retained and regularly consulted by large international companies.
So I encourage each one of you to discover, explore and learn what you can about your psychic nature, working under the direction and guidance of a good, respected teacher (you will find one when you are ready!) and both your world and your entire life will begin to mean so much more to you.The process will take you along a path leading you closer and closer to your spirit and the true essence of your being. Of course, as in any field of endeavour there are charlatans to be wary of and those who rather debase this remarkable area of human potential with their half- knowledge and personal, ego driven agendas. But if you stay true to your own good values yet are open in your heart to learn and discover, then a world of true illumination will gradually appear to you, tantalising you and inspiring you. It is worth every effort believe me.
But, on the way, be prepared for the odd dinner party just in case you too are asked, “Are you psychic mate?” I hope you handle it better than I did.