January 2023

The Path to the Golden Reality

Here’s to a 2023 that will manifest for you more love, power, health, wisdom, peace and enlightenment.
Of course, I could fill this newsletter, and indeed most of my webpage with what are erroneously termed “conspiracy” theories, commenting on the hidden agendas of the so-called elite, the corruption, medical malpractices, economic and social manipulations, the odious experimentations going on that place us as victims and so on and so on. But I don’t.
I don’t because, first of all, there are so many others doing that, some well informed and thinking reasonably clearly, some not so well informed and some down right nuts and just peddling fears about things they clearly don’t understand very well. The danger here is that we all sink deeper and deeper into the superficial game referred to as the real world.
Over the years I have honed my perception and clairvoyance, supported by excellent guidance from higher reliable sources, so that there is not much that surprises me. I don’t profess to be infallible like some new age pontiff, but I am able to delve into realities and layers of life that even most of the “elite”, including our political and religious leaders are ignorant of. If they weren’t in a state of ignorance, they simply wouldn’t behave as they do.
Also secondly, seeking the truth and thus unfolding the empowerment that such a quest will bring to us all, requires first and foremost that we understand ourselves more profoundly: that we are nurtured by and grow through an expanding self-awareness.
That has been my mission for most of my life here. To awaken myself, and with the knowledge and experience gained, help others to do the same.
I have frequently referred to the emergence of a Golden Reality, a world and consciousness in which the frustrations in our minds, and the tears in our hearts dissolve into the nothingness from which they came.
It may be hard to believe at times, as we behold a world as it seems to be, often bereft of love, wisdom, kindness, open creativity and abundance. I realise that. As I often say, it is an upside-down world. But finding this Golden Reality is not an “out there” process at all. It is an inner one. And come to pass it will, no matter what obstructions we may encounter. We can just dismantle them from inside us, opening the door to this emerging splendour. The path is there if you seek it.
This is Kingdom and it is you.
There is nothing more wonderful than human beings. I have observed them, loved them, taught them, encouraged their healing and have been in awe of what I have witnessed, despite the murky shroud they sometimes try to conceal themselves behind. I can see in everyone, a burning golden light, deep in the centre. It is the light of perfection, of a new reality waiting to appear.
So my dear human friends, please meditate, pray, reflect, forgive, let go of the junk, and be who you truly are. I know you will get there because, whoever you are, I believe in you and the great light I perceive in you. Keep a candle close by that you can light for a few moments each day to remind yourself of your golden light.
The Golden Reality is waiting for you. And it won’t disappoint you.
Love and all good things.