January 2021

The Purple Violet Light and 2021

We are now living in 2021. It is the new calendar year.
Many are making their predictions for this New Year as to what the future holds whether they may be astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, gifted psychics or whatever. There is a human predilection (acquired and not inherent) for looking backwards with nostalgia and perhaps sadness, and forwards with both trepidation and concern, requiring assurance where we may find it that all will turn out well.
I have been asked what I predict for 2021, and I have reflected on that of course. Prediction is a tricky business, especially in these times and of course predictions often seem to be fulfilled, mainly because we believe in them. So my first advice for 2021 is to stay away from predictions as much as you can for they will likely as not take your power away from you and dilute your present moments, proscribing your future in a limiting way. Remember that in English the word present means both “now” and also “gift.”
The present moments are our gifts.
This has always been true but never so much as now.
When reflecting upon 2021 and what it may hold for us all, I was aware that in both individuals and human consciousness as a whole, I was observing the emerging radiance of the most magnificent purple violet light accompanied by a deep velvety blue. They are quite stunning colours and of a very high order especially the frequency vibrating on the borders of purple and violet.
And so, you may ask, what does this mean for you and me and indeed the entire human family?
Well, the implications are truly amazing.
The purple violet reveals that, whatever constraints upon our freedoms we may be currently experiencing on the outside, something wonderful and expansive is happening inside us all. There is a truly liberating surge of highly creative power emerging. Our capacity to imagine is unfolding rapidly and on a scale beyond description.
Through our purple violet light we can truly begin to live more consciously in the moment, experiencing a world which we can choose to create and dare to imagine. It is a real opportunity to live an inner rather than outer directed life, to “be in the world but not of it.” All that happens on the outside begins on the inside.
It is the beginning of true freedom.
And the deep blue? It is enabling us to recognise and clear old limiting memories stuck deep in our subconscious minds, so we may access the true inspirational thoughts and ideas that our restrictive memories and conditioning have largely obscured.
As that light expands in you I hope you will choose to join me in exploring it, and creating something beautiful from the inside.
Let us choose to live some beautiful “presents”, and “live the life we imagine.” The world needs us to do that.
Thank you for being here with me.
Your friend