January 2015

What does the New Year bring?

New Year resolutions are perhaps indicative of a useful bit of self-exploration as we decide to welcome a point of beginning with ways of improving ourselves and letting go of old patterns and habits we want to leave behind.
Often it involves giving up something like smoking, drinking too much, going on a diet, or more positively, we aim to do more exercise, eat more fruit, and resurrect a raft of good habits that fell by the wayside in 2014.
At this time, I am often asked to forecast what I think will happen during a new year, both at a more general level and also for individuals but such views have to take into account a few important issues.
First, certainly energetically speaking, the year probably ends and begins around the 21st/22nd of December at the winter solstice, so by the 1st of January we are well on our way into a broadly new pattern.
Secondly, whilst there are forces of change active in all of us collectively, we have our own individual patterns and what may be true for one may not be so true for another. Anyone who glances at newspaper horoscopes can attest to that. Yes, there are general influences at work which touch us all, but our response to, and understanding of them, will vary enormously as will individual outcomes.
And so, thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, we are creative individuals. We are blest with wonderful, if largely dormant, powers, able to influence and negotiate our way through life, using our own will and imagination to change and manifest circumstances in our outer world, in direct proportion to our level of awareness. The more aware we are of our innate abilities as creative beings, the more we believe in them and the source of them, the more we can change life, let go of old limiting patterns and allow something better to emerge for us. It is the struggle we all face between what is often called “victim consciousness” where we see ourselves as relatively powerless and the enlightened state where we know that if we live in tune with our deeper spiritual nature, and use our imagination constructively, lovingly and abundantly, anything becomes possible.
So we are not slaves to a hostile, unchangeable destiny unless we think we are. Having said that, we do need to be aware of what is going on in us, in our minds and in our hearts so we can make the best of what we have already created and are creating day by day, moment by moment. We are part of the human collective and we are influenced by general belief patterns or “race thoughts” as they are sometimes called but the degree to which they affect us again does depend on our awareness and what we believe we can do, create and change.
Returning to 2015, my own thoughts have a few themes running through them which I’ll share with you now. They are not to be seen as limits but rather as simple creative possibilities which may help you on your own year’s journey.
Because things are changing so increasingly rapidly in the outer world, a key idea is adaptability. We must look at our inflexibility and recognise that in times of great change such as these, we have to embrace sudden movements in our lives and not resist them, being willing to change direction quickly if needs be if any avenue is blocked for us. The more we try to hold on to things and situations that no longer truly serve our best interests in these times, the more they are likely to slip out of our grasp. It’s a time to welcome new opportunities, take risks, try to improve things and know that the unknown is not threatening us but rather offering a creative opportunity to go down a new pathway, to try something different. A good affirmation is “none of these things (fears and limits) move me, but I move and grow creatively, wonderfully.”
A second theme is that of the group and being aware of the need for co-operation, teamwork, friendship and partnership. Whilst we will of course continue to flourish as individuals, increasingly the forces of the time will encourage us to be more community focussed, working with others where we can, supporting and encouraging and seeing the value of team work as opposed to trying to do it all ourselves. That includes our own “inner team” of spirit, subconscious and conscious mind, and the human family which we need in all its forms to grow effectively and to really benefit from what life is trying to give to us. The spirit works through human agents to help us, whether it is our partners, families, colleagues, neighbours, friends or even a casual stranger. They may not all seem helpful to begin with but ultimately they are there for us and we for them. We will learn we cannot do it on our own as well as we can do it together, whatever it is. “I am part of a great, perfect team in all I do.”
Taking action. It is a time for action. As someone who can prevaricate awfully at times, 2015’s energy encourages me and you to push ahead with our dreams and to do what we reasonably can to make things happen. Sometimes of course, we have to wait and not descend into impatience or depression. But it is a year for action, for taking steps, making plans, working things out as far as we can. It is a year for the “can do” person.
And finally it is about balance. I thought yesterday of the maxim “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” As someone who still loves his work, I have to make sure I play and rest too, and seek equilibrium in my life as much as I can. Variety comes in here. Try different patterns this year. Try some new things and always look to give attention to everything and everyone who is important to you. If something or someone in your life is neglected reflect on what you can do to put that right. If you are a meditator, enjoy your quiet moments as well as socialising and enjoying the group. Both are important. Perhaps look at any imbalance you see in your life at the moment and reflect on how you can change things for the better and achieve more balance, being less obsessed about work perhaps and enjoy companionship and free creative moments more often.
Your 2015 will be unique to you and full of possibilities and opportunities if you look for them. The times are indeed interesting, but you are powerful and full of good things. Believe in yourself, the whole of you, and especially your magnificent inner spirit, and have a great time. I look forward to meeting you along the way.