February 2022


If somewhat belatedly, I wish everyone a 2022 of enlightening growth, true prosperity, increasing harmony and wholeness, love and peace.
The circumstances around the global health epidemic are working through much as I expected them to and indicated they would. We will all see huge changes during this year, wherever we are, mainly of a healing kind despite the difficulties and pain many of us have experienced recently.
Lessons are slowly being learned, and we are on the path to greater clarity, understanding and truth. There is still a long way to go, but we are all travelling there. Those who have put emotional and social pressure on others to conform to their decision as to what is “the right thing to do” may find their bullying and mental battering approach is of decreasing impact and in fact ultimately counter-productive.
I recognise that there is always more than one point of view in any situation or debate, and whatever our intellectually deduced position we have to be true to our highest inner promptings. The truth is always to be found in that peaceful space somewhere in the middle of the extremes.
I seek not to be against things but rather to consider and choose as freely as possible what patterns of life I will endorse, which route I will follow. If most others choose differently then I respect that even if their choices do not remotely concur with mine. Such an approach to life has not always ensured popularity, often initially proving to be rather isolating: but the freedom to choose is central to human existence and such freedom cannot be experienced while others are allowed to dictate to us what we should think, whatever their opinion and expertise. Going with the mob is not to be confused with going with the flow. Those who apply pressure will experience pressure.
I have been blessed since birth with a natural ability to perceive subtle forces, higher energy and light fields with some clarity. Despite all the fear currently contaminating human society, it is clear to me that wonderful, profound changes are stirring in us all. Something beautiful beyond words is emerging in us, emanating from our spiritual cores to our hearts and souls. I have never witnessed so many developments in the human aura and light fields as I have done recently. It is truly awe-inspiring. If we open ourselves to these processes then liberation is at hand. I cannot emphasise that enough.
My teaching over the last two years or so has increasingly focussed upon helping others to understand this emergence, its significance and the various practices that are useful in cooperating with it. That will remain so as long as I am able to continue.
I encourage you to meditate often, to reflect and to be willing to let go of redundant concepts and limiting behavioural patterns.
Listen to your heart and soul and you will set your spirit free.
With love


Attached to this newsletter are my course dates including Kitchen Table Meditations (KTM) through to the autumn. I am still working mostly online using Zoom and I will commence travelling more widely again as soon as circumstances permit me to do so freely. PLEASE CHECK THESE DATES REGULARLY. There may sometimes be additions and changes.
I will be presenting more trainings on “The Way of the Masters – Masters’ Attunements 1 and 2”, “Siriun Healing and Magic”, and “Manifestation and Overcoming These Times of Bewilderment”, via UK including Edinburgh (live), and with German translation via Switzerland and Germany, so I look forward to seeing you on some of them wherever you may be.
I also clock up a magical 77 years on the planet this summer so I hope I can celebrate it with one or two of you!


There are two new recordings on my web page, a free meditation to connect with your “Aura”, and another to aid in “Healing Relationships”. Do visit the site and share with friends and fellow travellers who may be interested. There is plenty there for you to explore and download.
Also my books – there are three available in ebook form now on various sites including Amazon – “Auras and Colours”, “How to Heal and Be Healed”, and “Angels Looking Through.”
I plan to add some more short lectures onto my YouTube channel over the next month or so.


Appointments can be made most easily by email request at or via local organisers listed on the seminars and courses page of my website.
To music lovers in UK, my friends Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri are now commencing a season of concerts playing their wonderful music around the country, including London. If you can get to hear them it will lift your spirits I assure you.


I wish to thank all those who support me and my work in so many different ways. Thank you so very much. Without you it would be so difficult to continue.