February 2017

Being Powerful and Infinite Possibilities

In my first shared thoughts for this year I am again struck by the need for me, and indeed all of us, to remain aware of the great loving power that is available to all and the infinite possibilities that power brings to us.
When looking at the auras of many individuals as I am frequently asked to do, what I find so awe inspiring is the sheer magnificence of this field of light and the unlimited potentials that it reveals. Despite the painful memories and beliefs that are still active in this light and energy system, limiting us and holding us back these are none the less dwarfed by the sheer magnificence of the gifts and pure abundance hidden and dormant in the deeper reaches of our human consciousness. Those frequently uttered exhortations by many spiritual teachers telling us that we are infinite and unlimited beings are indeed true.
The issue we all encounter is in our accepting these ideas and then clearing from this glorious auric window those thoughts and deeply embedded conditionings that suggest we are anything but eternal, deeply loving and powerful. After all, when the bank account is empty and we still have bills to pay, or our back badly hurts with only painkillers appearing to offer us any respite, such alluring if remote ideas appear a little fanciful to put it mildly. Life on the outside certainly doesn’t look like that. The 30 year mortgage or the neighbour’s relentlessly howling dog may seem to have an infinite quality about them but not much else does.
On a workshop a week or two ago, I asked the students to consider what they were thinking about most of the time. I then suggested they observe the circumstances of their outer lives, the good and the not so good. The landscapes of their material lives mirror exactly what their predominant thoughts and beliefs have been and are still are. We are all thinking and creating away relentlessly and mostly unconsciously every second of our lives. What we see and experience is who we are and what we think. We are using this great and infinite power in us every time we think, whether consciously or subconsciously and it dutifully produces in kind. It will do and form for us whatever we show it we are, providing us with anything we think. The seeds or thoughts in our minds we energise and imbue with feeling (activity in the mental and emotional/astral aura) are planted and will eventually bear fruit and appear. Sometimes slowly, sometimes with stunning speed, the thought-sowing is reaped in an inevitable harvest of experience. This process is clearly visible in the aura as thoughts become activated with emotional force and the energy or power in us moulds them perfectly into manifestation, like a gifted sculptor moulding clay. I refer to this activity as the Spiral of Consciousness, the subtle constant working out of our inner most thoughts, our words and feelings.
To offer one simple illustration, a few days ago the periodic delivery I receive from my wine club hadn’t arrived as expected. The wine company subsequently informed me on the phone that according to their records it had been left by the courier at the correct address as instructed and that they would investigate what had gone wrong. I had also noticed that my surname had been rather creatively misspelt on the pre-delivery advice note the company had sent me earlier. “It sounds like you have delivered it to someone Japanese”, I joked lightly. Putting down the phone, I bemoaned the fate of my wonderful Sancerre wine (maybe the birds were sampling it already like the starlings that used to peck through the foil milk bottle tops to drink the contents when the bottles were left by the door?) Within minutes the doorbell rang. Standing at my front door, holding her young daughter’s hand was a neighbour from around the corner who I had never met or seen before. In her beautiful native Japanese accent, she informed me that she had received a case of wine, delivered to her in error even though my name and address was on the box. Fortunately the birds hadn’t had time to get to it though there were a few small random holes in the top of the box!
So, are we doomed therefore, to remain enslaved to a process, largely subliminal, which without discrimination builds all we think, say and feel? Are all those awful thoughts and fears, those negative inner dialogues hovering, waiting to confront us in our earthly world? Can we do nothing? Might not be a case of wine and a Japanese neighbour next time!
Well the bad news is a conditional yes. We will eventually face our fears, our negative expectations, our hateful wishes for others, our unkindness and selfishness. Yes.
However, the good news is really good. As we awaken to this process, we realise we can change things. We can change the frequency of our thinking and hence that of our auric field. The beautiful, infinite, unlimited light and power at the core of our being, radiating incessantly can change what this process manifests at any time. A key word here is one I used earlier – predominant. When we consciously drop and let go of the painful and unpleasant, acknowledging they exist but gently refusing to engage and hold on to them, we create the space for our good and wonderful ideas and wishes to begin to manifest. When we ensure that our thinking is dominated by relaxed, good, joyful, and expansive ideas then we are planting different seeds and that which is reaped will be in resonance and harmony with this fresh predominance. To put it simply, change your vibe and you change your world. However bad things are, however crazy the world seems, it doesn’t matter at all. The power and creative possibilities in your field are infinite and unlimited. Everything you could ever want or desire already exists in your infinite aura. Its arrival in your outer life is delayed only by any disharmony in you, by a predominance of limiting, unloving thoughts and feelings.
You can change that.
The starting point in all this is to develop an increasing connection with the place of calm and harmony within you. As you allow this, the changes you would wish to experience are already underway and must and will appear while you remain, predominantly, in a peaceful calm mind.
It is time to start allowing. It needn’t be a battle, a struggle. Ease into allowing and the inner calm and your material world will increasingly reflect that. When people become peaceful, in harmony, their auras glow and the dark shadows within this light shrink, diminish and fade having done their job in awakening you.
The Kingdom of Infinite Possibilities with its great power awaits you – in fact it is with you now, completely. Just allow it to appear.
Love to everyone


Allowing and Finding the True I, its Peace, Love and Harmony

In my article I mention the importance of allowing good, joyful things to emerge from the infinite, all powerful you. This “you” is actually the true “I”, the core of your being, your true identity. It is the gateway to your essence, your Divinity. It’s not to be confused with the little “i” or what is sometimes referred to as the ego. The little “i” is a temporary phenomenon which manifests through the personality, which in my case, is pretending to be Paul for a lifetime. This little “i” knows nothing but pretends it knows everything and tries to protect what it thinks it is and has, i.e. everything. Instead of being the servant it tries to be the master of the true “I” that is everything. It blocks great infinite possibilities through fear because of the limitations it beholds. It operates through the solar plexus chakra and when we are in fear and limitation then little “i” is in charge. The real “I” operates through the heart. It expresses through harmony, love, generosity and kindness and unlimited possibilities. All is possible and real through the true “I”.

An Exercise

  • Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed.
  • Breathe deeply and gently for a while, and allow your body to relax. Continued deep breathing will do this.
  • As you begin to relax you will notice inside you a more peaceful, gentle sensation emerging, probably from around your heart or in the space between your solar plexus and heart. It may be small to begin with, even tiny so be patient. But the more you allow it to, the more it will grow. With practice this feeling will spread through your entire body. You may even tingle as this sensation appears to radiate from you. You may even begin to experience the most wonderful inner light in time. Nothing around you will matter in these moments.
  • If other thoughts intrude that is normal. Allow them to come and then go, returning gently to the peace and harmony emerging in you. This growing presence is the “I”, the real you, the place of unlimited possibilities, of infinite love and goodness. You may even repeat I, I, I, like a mantra if inspired to do so.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes – you need no more than that – breathe deeply again and return slowly to your normal awakened state, getting fully into your physical body. Say “Thank You”.
You may repeat this again once or twice during the day and also cultivate the remembering of that feeling in odd moments in your day whenever you can.
It will change you, your life, your experiences, both the inner and outer, and your aura will really glow.
You will radiate beautifully, allowing yourself to be a being of Infinite Power, Infinite Love and Infinite Possibilities.

The Inner Child, the Subconscious Mind and You

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