February 2015

Readings, Assessments and Empowerment

Over the course of the year I give many private appointments for a wide range of purposes.
Sometimes the issue is clearly of a healing nature, where my perception of the problem presented and its causes may be useful, and the initial consultation will consist of some work in the patient’s energy field along with my suggesting some self-healing exercises and strategies.
On other occasions it may be that the individual client wishes me to look at their auric field and energy system in what we call an assessment, in order that they may have a clearer view of their potentials and abilities, and the way their life pattern is unfolding in the near and sometimes distant future. This is also often accompanied by suggestions and approaches as to how they might best go forward in their lives and manage the issues confronting them, especially the obstacles and difficulties they may be encountering at the time, and to help them to change things as they wish to do. That is their unassailable right.
There are other variations on these themes, including having contact with those who have passed on to the higher life, and trying to understand the significance of past-life recall. I give these sessions to individuals all over the world, often using skype as the means of communication. In this last week or so, I have been consulted by clients in USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Nepal, Mexico as well as distant reaches of the UK and Ireland. Whilst not quite affording the intimacy of a face to face appointment, such “distant” sessions can be just as effective and helpful for those who can’t get to see me in the usual way.
My work with individuals is always based upon the truth that they are both responsible for, and capable of dealing with, their lives and experiences. My role is to assist, enlighten where I can, and encourage them in their own decision making as they heal, pursuing their dreams and goals. Very often, a reading of them simply confirms what they already feel is right in their hearts, giving them the courage to go on and to not be deterred by obstacles or the negative, sometimes limiting opinions of others. Occasionally, the client is surprised and resists my view, going away disappointed that I didn’t see what they thought they wanted me to see. However, this is often temporary, as, in time, if I have viewed their pattern correctly, they see the value in my observations and how, if they work with them, their life moves forward much more smoothly and positively.
This is not to imply that I am infallible, that I know everything, and that I am a voice to be disobeyed at their peril. That is certainly not the case. The integrity and inner thoughts of the individual are paramount and should always ultimately override the words of someone like me. There are problems though, sometimes.
An intelligent lady, a university lecturer, called me some years ago, asking for an appointment. I had been consulted by her, and her husband, on previous occasions but her words rather surprised me. “Paul, I would like another session with you, but… (a brief silence followed), will you tell me the truth this time and be honest with me?” Being a little taken aback, I asked her to explain.
“I went to see someone who works a bit like you. She told me what a terrible person I am and listed all my faults and weaknesses. You mainly tell me how wonderful I am and what I can do!”
“Look, I am honest,” I replied. “I see my as job being one of looking at you and your talents, how you may best walk your life path, and to encourage you so you may grow and be fulfilled. Sure, I will also consider the things you can change, improve, and let go, but my role is to empower you, help you, not to crush you.” She did come to see me again.
Some psychics, astrologers, and even therapists, seem to specialise in negative diatribe which is most unhelpful. You can work out why they do for yourself, but words like “power”, “control” and “dependency” come to my mind. I avoid such people like the plague.
I am fully aware that the life path and the circumstances an individual is experiencing are of their own making. They are the consequence of their thoughts and actions over many life times, including this one. Their reality is theirs and only they, with a bit of help and guidance perhaps, can change it. As they awaken to their true power and responsibility, and discover how their mind and consciousness works, they won’t need me, at least not too often or for too long. That is the point of my work, and any good work supporting others whatever we may call it. That is why I concentrate so much in my teaching and private sessions on assessing the individual and their situation, offering strategies for their greater empowerment and self-expression, encouraging greater knowledge and understanding. Then they may become free, (as free as I seek to be in my own life, with varying degrees of success!) My healing sessions, readings and assessments are not entertainments or advocating my specialness. They are largely intended to empower and liberate the client, especially in difficult times.
In every individual there is, I believe, a slumbering wise Divinity, that awaits its recognition so we can all be masters of our own fate and use our own resources to negotiate our way through life, even changing the “future”, becoming true masters of our fate. That is the core of my work I believe, and indeed the work of anyone who seeks to help others. It is not to limit them, or to make them dependent on me but occasionally to accompany them, as they make their way as only they can do. The less they need me, the better my work with them has been.


I am planning to offer a monthly series of contemplations and self-awareness exercises as part of my blog, later this year. It will be my gift to you and it will probably be sent automatically with the blog, to anyone who has registered on my mailing list. Do register with us if you haven’t already done so should you wish to receive this, further blogs and newsletters.
Love to all