February 2013

We Are All Still Here

It has come and gone and we are all still here. No cataclysms, new planet fly-pasts (although we did have a meteor and a few meteorites) or horsemen and, for many, it all seems to be much the same with the slow, if gradual decline of western economics and a continuing proliferation of wars and terrorist outbursts around the globe
This has given a largely shallow and smug media another opportunity to reveal its ignorance and to indulge in a moment or two of sceptical mirth making mischief with the presentation of the usual obligatory images of a few ageing hippies hovering around Stonehenge waiting for the apocalypse that never came.
“The world didn’t end today” they proclaimed with glee in their news bulletins on 21st December 2012.
Well, I for one, never thought it would and neither did anyone else who had done their homework and research with any degree of diligence and care. If they had it would be clear to them that the “old world” began to fade some time ago and a process of quite radical change in human consciousness has been evident for years. It rather depends upon our having “eyes to see and ears to hear”; our willingness to detach a little and observe what is really going on in our world, beneath all the fluff and nonsense served up to us each day as the “real world”.
True enough, the change we are experiencing is certainly accelerating and I am sure that the various special windows of unusual planetary and solar alignment have added their own special impetus to this phenomenon. Since last Autumn I have noticed that my own awareness and subtle vision of energies and forces has undergone some notable of shift and my work with others suggests this is also true for many. What we have always to remember however, is that there is never really any change in the outer world until something has changed inside us, in our inner world. The world changes because we do, not the other way round. When viewing the aura of a client or student, it is often possible to see events, people and even physical conditions that have yet to appear in the outer world or in the physical body. When we understand this we begin to learn something very important; that life changes through us and not around us. Our outer world and experience manifests through our own being, a product of our own consciousness and our programming since the beginning of time and beyond. Such awareness forms the basis of true magic and all real metaphysical knowledge. As I have been told by my guidance many, many times; don’t try to change others, or manipulate situations. Understand and change yourself and then your world will change with you. A wiser mind than I told us that if we know ourselves and then we will know the universe.
I certainly recommend such reflection to you, especially in such times as these. Consider the idea of you as the architect of your reality, your universe and the implications and responsibilities that accompany such a truth. It will be truly liberating and you will realise that the world or age can only end if you do – and that is not amongst your choices! But change is.