December 2020

What Lies Within

The approach of Christmas is especially poignant this year as the usual relaxations, gatherings and festive celebrations are to be significantly proscribed. It is difficult for many of us to accept after such a strange and limiting time during 2020.
We may yearn for our freedoms, yet the powers that be have decided, in the UK anyhow, that restrictions must persist at least well into next year. And whatever our view, that is how it is and we have to accept it, for now.
No group knees-ups at the pub are likely to take place. Little or no hugging of many of our friends and loved ones. I can't get to see my sons this year.
Yet in our acceptance of what is, lie the seeds of change, the change that will bring an unfoldment of a better world, a more liberated life, of greater things to come. I have no doubt about that.
By all means read all the alternative "conspiracies" that are around just now if you wish for nothing is ever just as it seems to be. And by all means listen to the "facts" that officialdom pours out in an endless stream of confusing rhetoric. But the truth, the only truth is that which resides within you. As Robert Browning wrote so perfectly:
“Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise
From outward things, whate'er you may believe.”
And the truth that lies within may well surprise you as it reveals itself whatever may be your current perspective.
Christmas is first and foremost about love and all that flows from that. It is about goodness, kindness, a rekindling of all that is generous and patient, forgiving and caring in us. For that is who we truly are, you and me. And that will never fail us.
So let that love be reborn in you and me.
From me to you comes my sure love and the warmest of hugs at this time.
Your friend and fellow traveller

Web Site

My new web page will be up and running soon after much hard work by my friends NetserveIT. It will be more user friendly for all different devices and there will be several changes. More will be announced later.

Chat Times

I will be offering some occasional informal evening “Chat Times” for an hour or so where I will speak a little on spiritual matters and issues especially in relation to current events and I will also take questions from those attending. These will be on Zoom and initially in English so let me know if you may be interested in joining us.
Thank you to all of you who support and help me in my work. It is much appreciated and valued.
Have a joyful time with loved ones where you can during this Christmastime and New Year.