December 2019

Jingle Bells and All That

Well I have tried on my new Christmas Hat already. Look as idiotic as ever but at least I am making the effort to be a bit festive. The hat has a “stuffed turkey” theme this year, maybe a bit odd for a vegetarian but it seemed appropriate somehow. This can be a busy time for us all and it is good to prepare and look forward to precious relaxed moments with loved ones whilst exchanging gifts if we can do so. Grandad’s silly hat is a part of all that. So is “Jingle Bells”.
I had lunch with my eight year old granddaughter Emilia today at her school. It is something they do regularly, inviting a member of the family to join the children in sampling the culinary delights from their very good kitchen.
It was fun. Grace was sung in French by the children and I was informed in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t start on my chocolate dessert until I had eaten all my first course and cleared my plate! Needless to say I obeyed!
It brought back many memories of times past, my own children, including Emilia’s mother, having attended the same school many years ago.
Having a few spare moments before our lunch together, I popped into the church which is next door to the school.
It was wonderfully peaceful and I was able to enjoy the silence alone for a while. Lighting a few candles in prayerful reflection, I thought of those I have loved who are now in the higher life, no doubt looking through on us here. I also reflected on the joy of my own family and friends who share this life with me now and who I value so much. They are a great gift to me.
Those not so fortunate, the sick, the suffering, the homeless, the lonely, also came into my mind in those minutes of stillness. My thoughts of their plight stayed with me for some time. Oh how I truly wished I could do more for this world my heart seemed to cry.
At a time when we exchange gifts, it is perhaps good to reflect on the gifts we have already been given and to express our gratitude for them, ensuring they know just how much we treasure them.
And is perhaps worth remembering that the greatest gift we can give to another is ourselves, our love and, where needed, our forgiveness, kindness and help.
I am fortunate in that I meet many of you each year, experiencing so much generosity and love and I am so very grateful for that.
I want you to know that I love you and I am so thankful you are in my life, wherever you may be just now.
Thank you.
Many, many good wishes to you as you celebrate the Solstice and remember the message of love and peace emanating from the Christmas Story.

Meditation and Self-Development Downloads

The first of these are almost completed now and will be on my web page early 2020, with music interludes composed and played by my good friend and fine musician Steve Webb. Amongst them will be one free recording which you are welcome to make use of if you wish to. They are simple exercises and very beneficial if practised regularly.
I am also considering offering some of the Heartstar meditations in the same manner next year.


Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri had to cancel their concert in Bury here planned for September but I am hoping they will give Bury another try when I am around. I will inform those of you who booked last time when there is any news. Do check out their web page and excellent CDs. There is a wonderful energy to their work.
See you in the New Year!