August 2015

Rhythms and Patterns

Life is really a symphony. It has its different movements, its crescendos and diminuendos; its major and minor keys and different themes. It is a blend of varied rhythms, producing surprises and predictability, delight and mournfulness. Life is a weave of such complex rhythms and patterns.
From a clairvoyant perspective, as one who is often asked to look at an individual’s life pattern, this sometimes poses a dilemma. On the one hand our life is like it is and will continue to be so because of the seeds we have sown in the past. Our persistent attitudes and beliefs keep us on the road we have constructed so the clairvoyantly perceived pattern is likely to unfold how it is observed by the clairvoyant or astrologer. Sometimes I will say to a client that something is 80% likely to happen or 60% and so on. Few things are 100% predictable, especially when they are years ahead of us. We can change things, anything, if we truly wish to. We are not slaves to the predictions of psychics. But this depends on the level of our awareness or consciousness; it depends on what or who we think we are.
On one hand we tend to live on a basic karmic or cause and effect basis with a sense of inevitability lurking in the backs of our minds sometimes. When we think on this level we believe, yes we can change some things, perhaps many, but some things we can’t, as St Francis proclaims in his famous Serenity prayer. We learn through our mistakes largely, or our sins or errors. We also have our highs too but sure as dust is dust, a problem is not far behind a moment of joy, and a joy will follow a problem. That is how most of us conduct our lives much of the time. If we stay positive long enough the cloud eventually will have a silver lining; when things are great, you can bet your life something will go wrong. This is often viewed as valuable, strengthening and teaching us, hopefully so we do not make the same mistakes again. We “sin” no more. We become more optimistic. We can gradually learn detachment so nothing much affects us and as Kipling suggests, we then treat success and failure just the same. This mode of awareness and living makes it easier for the psychic to predict the future and such learning is a relatively slow and often frustrating process. Sure there is the satisfaction of achievement, overcoming the odds. But it is a slow method of growth and as the late Stuart Wilde wrote, “life was never meant to be a struggle.”
The other, higher method is what many refer to as Grace or Enlightenment. Our karmic wanderings eventually lead us to this stage of awareness and that does make life more difficult for clairvoyant and astrological predictions!
On this level we develop a fresh perspective. We begin to realise that God or Divinity is actually in us, or better still, we are God, albeit still in slumbering mode; that we are creators of our world and consequently we can change the apparent future. We learn that the past, present, and future all co-exist in us and, depending on the level of responsibility for our circumstances we accept, we are able to change our paths dramatically; the more responsibility we accept, the greater is our power to create a different future. Sequential or linear time is simply a way we measure experience and it exists only in our physical world of effects, not in the deep inner realm of visions and creative causes. Focussed at this level we are able to change our future before it appears to happen. As our belief system changes so our power and ability to make life anew does too. The next movement in our symphony is re-written in keeping with how we choose it to be. Then in our more detached state we realise the outer world is simply an effect fashioned from within us, and we can decide how to change it, beckoning a new future towards us. We learn to think consciously.
It needs to be said that such unfoldment is not a smooth curve and we tend to meander between these two levels of awareness as we awaken to a new way of composing. But this is (almost) the ultimate learning here and reveals to us we can write the most wonderful music.
The psychic or clairvoyant can give you a view of what you have already created on the karmic trial and error based living, and help you moderate your path to avoid unnecessary pain, approaching circumstances more creatively; but an integrated new awareness of who you truly are, a creator, will enable you to change any rhythm, any pattern, no matter how soon it is due to happen in your current future!
Once we choose to live in the Divine world of causes, and our consciousness has risen sufficiently, then we know we have the wisdom and power to change anything, serenely so.
That will certainly prove difficult for psychic predictions!

Blessing, Thanksgiving, and Revision

I am looking for some volunteers to take part in an experiment or two on life mastery processes. These simple inner practices are life changing in the true sense and whilst the exercises can be done independently at home for a few minutes each day, I hope to have one or two short meetings in Bury St. Edmunds for group discussion, and a Self-Mastery 2 workshop day in January/February 2016. If you are interested, have time to spare to unfold your self-awareness and would like to participate then please contact me in the first instance by email. This invitation is open to all wherever you may be living.
We live in the time of the Imagination, the Inner Worlds when we can truly realise our great and wonderful potentials as never before. This is not simply New Age sweeties but a shift in awareness of great intensity in all human beings. The spiritual laws governing this shift are not initially easy to adhere to but they are very simple in their application.
We live in interesting times!!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
With love,
Paul Lambillion