April 2018

Much To Be Thankful For

A client I saw recently was having a hard time. Marriage issues, worries over the health of a child, financial struggles, anxiety attacks were discussed as the session progressed. Hardly surprisingly her general vitality was low and much of the light in her aura was pale and even dark, denoting that the higher, brighter frequencies in her which reveal and create happiness, well-being and courage were being heavily filtered and obscured as she dragged herself through a very dark and difficult time.
When we are happy, even joyful, and life is generally moving along well for us, we radiate predominantly the most beautiful light from along a spectrum of colours and hues. In moments of ecstasy, great inspiration and extreme happiness we literally explode like a magnificent firework display carried on the powerful bursts of energy that accompany such experiences. Just recall a time when you received some wonderful, exciting and maybe unexpected brilliant news. How did you feel? Sizzling, buzzing? Well, your aura and its magnificent light display will precisely reveal the sensation being experienced inside of you on those marvellous occasions.
Equally, sadness, pain, and worry weigh us down, dimming our brightness and if we feel grey and lifeless then our aura reflects that too.
My client didn’t seem to have much to feel good about, not much to light her up, but we decided to swap “thankfulnesses”. It is a very quick method for raising frequencies and energy in many situations even if we don’t think it will.
Anyway, anything she could find in her life to feel thankful for I would have to match with something from my own. We did this for a few minutes, coming up with a sizeable list and eventually we found a few smiles and a bit of laughter from somewhere since, as my list developed, some of my “thank you’s” were becoming perhaps a little eccentric, “Thank you for screw top bottles” being amongst the most unexpected she found on my list although “Thank you for the oozing runny jam in warm doughnuts” went down well. Well, you see, by then I’d gone through all the obvious stuff which I give thanks for every day and like someone searching for an answer to an obscure question in a Pub Quiz Night I was beginning to scrape the barrel a bit in my quest for fresh points of gratitude.
By the time we’d finished being thankful, the light in my client’s aura had changed and was already glowing, lighter and clearer in many places. And she could feel it. Whilst there was still a need for much healing work for my client in the time ahead, I was indeed thankful to witness the brightening of the aura colours and of her. I was reminded of the truth that even when it all seems pretty dark and hopeless there is always something to be thankful for – even screw top bottles. I mean, where would we be without them?
If thanksgiving is not yet a part of your way, then give it a go as they say.
Take a little time each day – after meditation is especially good but any time is fine – and WRITE DOWN at least 5 things you can feel grateful for. It can be for anything or anyone. Look for the simple things. You can extend the list if you like and make it longer as you feel you want to. If you have a daily journal, write your lists there.
Notice how you feel inside both before and after your period of thanksgiving and see if you can notice a difference, however slight. And read through what you have written at least once more.
Also make note of other experiences during the day you are thankful for and say so to yourself and your subconscious. It is always listening, and will try to bring you more of the same if you persist.
I can assure you such a simple activity will truly brighten you and your aura light and others will feel and maybe even see that is so.
It is a fundamental aspect of self-mastery and working with higher laws.
Lots of good things and much love to you.