The Higher Laws

More Mind, More Power, Higher Perception and Clairvoyance

This course will continue the exploration and unlocking of the Divine Mind and Power within our individual consciousness so we can experience greater mental and spiritual freedom.
We will also focus upon the wonderful “Fire in the Head”, which, when properly understood and harnessed, allows us to be aware on higher levels and frequencies through our imagining, or what is generally understood as clairvoyance and higher perception, the “Opening of the Third Eye.”
To enable these unfoldments to take place more effectively, at the core of the course will be the understanding of some of the Higher Laws and Principles, particularly:
  • The Law of Polarity
  • The Law and process of Transmutation
  • The Law of Rhythm (Cycles)
  • The role of, and relationship between, the Father and Mother forces within us and the Law of Spiritual Gender
  • The forces of Will and Purpose
and if time permits…
  • The Principle of Revision and Time Lines.
We will also revisit the mechanics of clairvoyance and the ways in which we can allow and encourage this capacity to become more managed and available to us in relating to and understanding the world around us and all the kingdoms within it.
It is a course to empower in a time of great change and flux, open to anyone who is keen to continue further their inner journey of awakening. It’s an opportunity to “get more free in ‘23!”
Knowledge is important. Knowing how to use that knowledge persistently is vital in the quest to raise our vibrational levels and expand our consciousness.
This course is open to all who wish to attend, space permitting. There is no requirement to have attended any earlier training or course.