Siriun Healing & Magic

The Light Levels – 2

In Light Levels 1, the student is given the means to attune to higher frequencies of light and cosmic fire or electricity, so that they may be able to recognise, understand and store them within their higher body. This is preparation for the opening up of the Second Rod of Power.
In Light Levels 2, the relationship with the higher frequencies of our solar system and our earth becomes more significant, opening particular links to Venus and Jupiter, the qualities and spirits of these spheres and the spirit of the earth itself.
The student, using his growing ability to access, store and then process Cosmic Fire, is invited to be involved in the progress of the Earth’s initiation into a sacred state, bringing profound healing to all the kingdoms connected to the planet and integrating the energies of the solar system.
It is a highly significant healing activity, central to the over-all changes and evolution in consciousness now underway in our galaxy and affecting us all on earth. Students should be familiar with the Light Levels 1 attunements.