Self-Mastery 2

Working with the tools of consciousness to live the life you imagine

‘…all you behold, though it appears Without, it is Within,
in your Imagination, of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow.’
– William Blake
Self Mastery 2 is a further developmental workshop for those who sincerely wish to follow the Wisdom of the Ages, gaining their own freedom from the apparent limits of the three dimensional world of effects. It is an opportunity to claim ‘the truth that will set you free’ and transform your life. Building on the teaching of the first weekend we study and work from the following main themes:
  • The Great self – concept, the Divine Man, and how through the personality and mind we can gain access to the King/Christ Self/High Self who makes and breaks the patterns which appear in our lives and circumstances.
  • The working of the goddess within, the deepening unfoldment of the imagination and thinking from the 4th Dimension.
  • Changing the Past, and changing the Present and Future – the wonder of the essentials practices of release, forgiveness and revision.
  • Inner and Outer reality.
  • True Prayer, Faith and Belief in transforming the outer world.
  • The truth about Desire.
  • Sustaining good inner dialogue, the power of the word, and persistence. Correct affirmation and mental ‘default’ setting.
  • The Law of Assumption in transformation.
  • From ‘want’ to ‘is’, and ‘living in the end’.
  • The power of Blessing and Thanksgiving.
  • Destiny – the only one you have is the one you create.
…and any other relevant themes that may arise as the weekend progresses.
It will be a very practical, discovering and testing day. There will be much work on opening out and stimulating the imagination and directing its enormous power, along with opportunities to explore and practice the strategies necessary to renew your world and live the life you imagine or wish to live.
For those who desire to really change their lives and to live consciously, this is an excellent opportunity to develop further. I want people to leave this day feeling that they, the whole being that they are, can stop living from the world of effects, but live from their own power and divine creativity to work the miracles that their true self can unfold.
Whilst designed for those who have attended Self-Mastery 1, it is suitable for anyone interested and committed to learning, and developing true mastery of themselves and their world.