The Power and Wisdom of the Inner Voice

A workshop to enable the accessing, nurturing and development of the highest inner dialogue and its inspiration and supreme guidance

If you seek to be guided and befriended by the most trustworthy and wise source possible, then this course is for you.
We all experience many ‘inner voices’ and are offered many kinds of advice and guidance. The true inner voice is the only one we can truly rely upon and trust. Like any relationship, it has to be cultivated and unfolded and to do this, we also have to be as clear (and continually clearing) as we can be from earlier conditionings and mental habits that have accumulated in our lower minds and energy fields.
On this course we will particularly explore –
  • How we can be clear from our negative, limiting, old mental programming.
  • The main ‘voices’ we experience within ourselves, including personality dialogue, intentional and unintentional clairaudience and true inner conversation and inspiration.
  • The relationship between the spiritual higher self, subconscious self and the Inner Voice pathway.
  • The practices and strategies that will nurture and unfold the inner voice in all its power and wisdom.
  • The truly ‘inner directed’ life.
  • The importance of being ‘heart centred’.
For this course, students will need writing paper and materials. It is open to anyone seeking guidance and wisdom from their highest inner self.