Clairvoyance And Higher Perception

Opening and Exploring your Subtle Vision

Have you ever dreamed a vivid dream? Have you ever seen imaginary pictures in your mind or memories of past events? Have you ever visualised something for the future or had a precognition of a later event? Have you ever sensed or felt an unexplainable atmosphere when in a building or when you meet someone for the first time? These are just a few indicators of your subtle, higher perception at work.
Clairvoyance or ‘clear seeing’ is the facility through which human beings can view higher levels of life and consciousness beyond the everyday material world. A natural ability that we all use some of the time on some level or another, usually without realising; Clairvoyance is in everyone waiting to be awakened in some form or another, along with the Clairsentience (subtle feeling) and Clairaudience (higher hearing).
In these fast changing times it is becoming easier for all of us to connect more consciously with our psychic nature and unfold our Clairvoyance. It simply requires confidence, some know how, guidance or tuition, but perhaps most of all a well-motivated desire to search and discover how to be reliably aware of higher worlds and dimensions.
And everyone can do that, including you.
This course is an opportunity to work with Paul, to learn from his many years of experience and his knowledge as a teacher and clairvoyant so you can methodically and safely open the doors to your own higher worlds.
It is a mainly practical course with some teaching elements, designed to awaken and develop the student’s deep, inner awareness.

Main themes of Practice and Teaching

  • Understanding the psychic mechanism and how it works.
  • Connecting with and perceiving subtle energies and forces.
  • Awareness of beings and others who exist in higher planes and dimensions who can interact beneficially with us here.
  • Keeping psychic balance in the energy system and chakras, including psychic hygiene.
  • There will also be various pairing activities including learning and practising how to be aware of the forces in and around others, the entities, spirits and higher beings seeking contact, how to interpret and communicate information effectively, being aware of symbols, and also the practice of psychometry.
The exercises followed will be linked to the needs of those participating and as much individual guidance and support will be given as is possible.
Participants are asked to bring at least one, preferably two, personal object (belonging either to you or to someone in your family or who you know fairly well) such as a watch, a piece of jewellery or something else suitable for psychometry practice and also some plain drawing type paper and coloured crayons / pencils may also be useful to for some students. If you are used to using a pendulum or dowsing rods you may bring those too if you wish. All else you need to bring is yourself, an open heart and mind, and a willingness to experiment and explore the amazing higher worlds around us all.