Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Counsellor

Paul's life-long vision of Aura and subtle forces, coupled with a great healing ability, and his channelling of the great group entity Heartstar, make him a compelling, yet down to earth source in these times of change.
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Meditation Exercises

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A brief introduction explaining how to experience the greatest benefits from these recordings and make powerful changes to your life.
  4 minutes
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Your Aura

A live recording from Paul's Kitchen Table Meditations which will gently guide you to a deepening awareness of your own magnificent aura of radiant light and power.
  22 minutes
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Healing Relationships

A simple exercise which will help in the process of healing the difficulties which may occur in all kinds of personal relationships.
  15 minutes
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Summer Article

The Beauty of the Human Heart, July 2024
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Date Change

July Heartstar Channelled Afternoon now being held on 2nd August 2024
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Course Dates

Course dates to the end of 2024


Technology, Human Contact And Health, March 2024

Course Topic

The Higher Laws, More Mind, More Power, Higher Perception and Clairvoyance, added April 2023
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Heartstar Planetary Healing Attunement, join in on Wednesdays 9-10pm if you can.
Heartstar Planetary Healing Attunement

What colour are you?

How to select the colours of your own aura using a simple method.
What colour are you?
Your Aura  


Angels, Spirits and Healing, an interview with Paul Lambillion.
Angels, Spirits and Healing, an interview with Paul Lambillion
Angels Looking Through a book by Paul Lambillion, available in paperback and ebook from all leading ebook sites and retailers

Amazon #1 Bestseller!

Paperback & ebook
Mind, Body & Spirit, Clairvoyance & Precognition
"Beautiful. Straight forward and easy to read..."
Tammy McLellan
"...an insightful and uplifting gift – a true gem..."
Diane Haeger
When a loved one dies we remain connected through a universal system of love, knowledge and guidance.
Auras and Colours an ebook by Paul Lambillion, available from all leading ebook sites and retailers

Auras and Colours

A Guide to Working with Subtle Energies
"Your book is a gem .. it has helped me understand so much that I felt I already knew somehow."
Queensland, Australia
"It is a wonderful book. I've nearly worn it out already."
Arizona, USA
Auras and Colours has an autobiographical element, containing many stories and anecdotes which illustrate the ideas as explored in the text. There are many structured exercises, diagrams and eight colour plates.
How to Heal and Be Healed an ebook by Paul Lambillion, available from all leading ebook sites and retailers

How to Heal and Be Healed

A Guide To Health In Times Of Change
"I started reading ‘How to Heal & Be Healed’ today, and just couldn’t put it down! Congratulations on writing such an enlightening and balanced book."
"I have been reading ‘How to Heal & Be Healed’ and have loved every minute of the time thus spent."
South Africa
"I think it is great – I so enjoyed reading it"
Suffolk, UK