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Distant Readings & Guidance
Since Paul has clients and friends all over the world, we are sometimes able to offer distant readings and guidance. This is especially useful for those who live in locations Paul as yet, does not visit and who wish to avail themselves of Paul's help, or simply where, for one reason or another, appointments were not available on a tour or visit and the individual is unable to travel to Suffolk UK to see him.

In the first instance, please send us an email or fax, headed 'Distant Appointments' with your request and we will then contact you with details.

Analysis of House or Property Energies
Paul will make an analysis of the energies of a house or property upon request. The following issues are usually examined:

  • The presence and flow of earth energies (Ley Lines) and spirals (Chakras).
  • The presence of underground streams, pools and aquifers.
  • Significant and unusual mineral deposits.
  • Fissures, geopathic faults and radiations.
  • The presence of unusual entities.

Where possible, recommendations will be made for the improving of conditions.

Please contact us by email, fax or phone with your request before faxing / sending maps and plans.

Some general information on Personal Auric & Chakra Readings
Paul's readings are based upon his unusual view of the Human Aura and Energy Field. Readings are especially useful in revealing the following:

  • The true nature of an individual.
  • Their role (destiny pattern) for this lifetime.
  • The patterns, cycles and trends around them and the possibilities and opportunities that exist for their future.
  • The clarification of health issues - mental, emotional and physical, the impediments to our progress and how they can be removed and eliminated.
  • Spiritual links and connections.

An initial Aura Reading / Chakra assessment usually takes 45-50 minutes.

Distant Healing
Paul will give distant healing to those who request help and are unable to see him personally. Please contact us with your request.

Private Students
Currently, we are reviewing the system of Paul's working with private students. Obviously, there is a limit to how many individuals Paul, and his inner Guidance Heartstar, are able to help, and the requests are growing.

The number of lessons per year that the student will be given will generally be no less than 6, possibly more. Students are expected to commit to at least 6. We suggest students obtain copies of Paul's books - details are on the web page.

All students are asked to have an initial assessment done by Paul prior to any further study being embarked upon.

Those wishing to work with Paul and Heartstar, should write in the first instance giving brief details of why you wish to study with Paul. This may be done by letter or email.

In some cases, we may not be able to help immediately, but may offer the possibility of a space in the future.

Email for further details.




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