‘The Inner Light, The Matrix of Perception & Deep Healing Processes’
A workshop for healers, therapists and those interested in deep spiritual healing

There is in all of us a template or Matrix of Perfection in which there exists the perfect pattern for our health and well-being. It is archetypal in nature, a type of ‘Super or Higher Pattern’ (it is the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ referred to by Jesus, ‘The Pleroma’ of the Gnostics) and it reflects the underlying perfection in the Cosmos beyond the material vibrations and frequencies we experience here. To access this level more fully both for our own benefit and also when we are helping others in whatever situation we find ourselves, there are important practices and exercises to be learned and developed.

This is a vital area of study and practice for anyone seriously interested in healing. The initial teaching will be for one day with a follow up day when students have had time to practice the initial attunements and exercises.

The first prerequisite for those attending is to accept, at least in principle, that we all create and attract all our outer three dimensional experiences, including health issues. Although much of this is a sub conscious activity it is none the less the case.

The second is to have a basic idea and acceptance of the subtle nature of mankind (the aura and chakra system) and to acknowledge the existence of an individual energy within all human beings.

The Preliminaries

The first part of the training will include –

Release exercises with special regard to thoughts and beliefs of limitation.

Polarity Centering.

Deep Cycle Breathing.

Re-focussing from the Matrix of Fear to the Matrix of Love.


The second part will include study and practice of the following –

The Inner Light

How to access the glorious Light Centre within the skull and understand its infinite nature.


The Matrix of Perfection

The Human and Divine Energy Fields and the Matrix of Perfection.

How to locate the gateway to the Matrix of Perfection in yourself and how to assist others to do the same.


During the course, Paul will help individuals as necessary and appropriate to stimulate their awareness and raise their frequencies.

It is a course not to be missed and Paul would like to view briefly (remotely) the energy system of all those students who will be attending so please register your intention to come as soon as possible.

**Those currently undergoing treatment for serious mental or emotional illness may find the mental exercises in the course difficult and should take appropriate medical advice before attending. Whilst doing all possible to make students safe and comfortable on all our courses, we remind students that they are responsible for their own well-being on the day.

Whilst we do our utmost to ensure all courses go ahead as published, we reserve the right to make changes as are sometimes necessary and all courses are subject to adequate subscription. We can accept no financial responsibility in the event of cancellation for other costs incurred by students. Should we cancel or postpone a course, any prepayment is refunded in full.


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