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‘The Human Aura’
What it is and how to Perceive It

THE HUMAN AURA is the multi-layered aspect of the individual that can be both ‘seen’ and ‘sensed’ in and around all of us.

It is possible for anyone to develop the ability to be aware both of their own Auric Field and also those of others. We interact with and operate from these fields subconsciously in every moment. This is an opportunity to become more consciously aware of auras and what they may reveal.

In this practical day workshop, suitable both for those who are new to the subject and those who are more experienced, we will consider and explore –

THE NATURE OF THE AURA and its various layers.

THE RADIANT BODIES OF THE AURA their colours and the meanings they reveal.




The day will be practical, involving simple exercises and some meditational practices, as well as some pairing activities.

It is a day of exploration open to anyone interested in the subject and students will find some plain drawing paper / pad and coloured pencils / crayons useful on the day. (No artistic ability required.)

The fee for the day is £55.00 per person, payable in advance and includes tea and biscuits. Light lunches are available in the Herb & Spice Café at the Self Centre.

Do come and join us on this day of exploration.

Paul Lambillion has years of experience of Aura, having lectured and taught the subject widely over 30 years, both in UK and overseas. His book ‘Auras & Colours’ is a classic treatise on the subject.

**Those currently undergoing treatment for serious mental or emotional illness may find the mental exercises in the course difficult and should take appropriate medical advice before attending. Whilst doing all possible to make students safe and comfortable on all our courses, we remind students that they are responsible for their own well-being on the day.

Whilst we do our utmost to ensure all courses go ahead as published, we reserve the right to make changes as are sometimes necessary and all courses are subject to adequate subscription. We can accept no financial responsibility in the event of cancellation for other costs incurred by students. Should we cancel or postpone a course, any prepayment is refunded in full.

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Cancellations up to 21 days prior to a course may be refunded, less an administration charge of £10.00

Cancellations with less than 21 days’ notice may receive a discretionary 50% refund, after the deduction of £10.00 administration fee.

No refunds are given on limited places courses.

Thank you for booking - please enclose a SAE for your receipt.


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