‘Siriun Magic & Healing Light Levels 6’

I will present the next course for the teaching group of which you are a member on the dates above in 2019.

The teaching on this magical path in Light Levels 6 will be based upon the following themes –

The Christ-King self and complete creative power and responsibility.

Linking with the Light Rod of Power within the self.

A review of the Spiral of Consciousness and the discovering of Peace on Earth.

The second Rod of Power and its elements.

A New alignment and Initiation attunement.

The King’s ‘Windows’ – the way to shifting and clearing of consciousness.

The Lodge of the Heart.


This is another special weekend of reflection, alignment and study as we open ourselves more and more to our true cosmic unity and being, making anything possible to be worked through us for the highest good of the Planet, our solar System and the Cosmos.

**Those currently undergoing treatment for serious mental or emotional illness may find the mental exercises in the course difficult and should take appropriate medical advice before attending. Whilst doing all possible to make students safe and comfortable on all our courses, we remind students that they are responsible for their own well-being on the day.

Whilst we do our utmost to ensure all courses go ahead as published, we reserve the right to make changes as are sometimes necessary and all courses are subject to adequate subscription. We can accept no financial responsibility in the event of cancellation for other costs incurred by students. Should we cancel or postpone a course, any prepayment is refunded in full.


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